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Twilio and ORTC Phone Call

Use Microsoft Edge's ORTC API and Twilio Client to place a voice call from your browser to any phone number.

Updated Sep 18, 2015

This demo page allows you to create audio/video call via the ORTC API between Edge browsers. It demonstrates the basic code flow for a 1:1 connection between two peers.

Updated Sep 18, 2015
Web Audio tuner

Chromatic tuner implemented using Web Audio and Media Stream APIs

Updated Sep 8, 2015
Contre Jour

In 2012, Contre Jour was known for its innovative gameplay, charming art style, and captivating soundtrack as an iOS app. This showcase site demonstrates the JavaScript advances and advanced multi-touch features in HTML5 from that era.

Updated Sep 8, 2015
Photo Capture

The test page demonstrates how to use the Media Capture and Streams API to capture photos from webcam video streams through a canvas.

Updated Sep 1, 2015