Dolby Audio Experience

For the first time, Dolby Atmos® can be delivered through the browser on PCs and tablets. Give your users a crisp, clear, and immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos.

Updated Apr 5, 2017
Utilization of responsive images - srcset, sizes and picture

Show how to enhance your example with responsive images

Updated Oct 7, 2015
SimpleWebRTC with ORTC

Use Microsoft Edge's ORTC API and the WebRTC APIs in Chrome and Firefox to make cross-browser conference calls.

Updated Sep 24, 2015
Professional Quality Video

Using Playready content protection and other APIs to produce professional quality video.

Updated Sep 15, 2015
Web Audio tuner

Chromatic tuner implemented using Web Audio and Media Stream APIs

Updated Sep 8, 2015

This demo allows local audio to be recorded and played. Audio is passed through Web Audio nodes that visualize the audio signals, and apply effects and filters.

Updated Sep 8, 2015
Photo Capture

The test page demonstrates how to use the Media Capture and Streams API to capture photos from webcam video streams through a canvas.

Updated Sep 1, 2015
Audio Mixer

Mix sounds of several musical instruments and have them play at specific moments in a loop using Web Audio. Also, save and load song loops and their settings using IndexedDB.

Updated Aug 21, 2015