Microsoft Edge WebDriver

Close the loop on your developer cycle by automating testing of your website in Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Edge WebDriver.


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Stable Channel

Current general public release channel.
Version 126.0.2592.113

Beta Channel

Preview channel for the next major version.

Dev Channel

Weekly release of our latest features and fixes.

Canary Channel

Daily release of our latest features and fixes.

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Recent versions

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Installation and usage

Microsoft Edge WebDriver will work with the Stable channel and all Insider channels for Microsoft Edge

  • Download the correct Microsoft Edge WebDriver version for your build of Microsoft Edge.
  • Download a WebDriver testing framework of your choice.

To find your correct build number: Launch Microsoft Edge. Open the Settings and more (...) menu, choose Help and feedback, and then choose About Microsoft Edge. Using the correct version of Microsoft Edge WebDriver for your build ensures it runs correctly.

  • * Feature availability and functionality may vary by device type, market, and browser version.