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Microsoft Teams community call-January 19, 2020 

This month’s call hosted by Jun Pak included a demonstration on how to implement an OAuth 2.0 authentication flow in Microsoft Teams and a presentation of the new Microsoft Teams UI Kit and Library to help designers, product managers, and developers quickly understand the key design considerations for making quality Teams apps and simplify the process by providing templates and tools to use. 

Demo: Implementing Microsoft Teams OAuth 2.0 Authentication Flow 

This month, Ramin Ahmadi joined our community call to demonstrate how to implement a Microsoft Teams OAuth 2.0 authentication flow. Ramin provided an initial overview of OAuth 2.0 before going over the different types of OAuth 2.0 authentication flows including: 

  • Authorization Code 
  • Implicit Flow 
  • Client Credentials 
  • Resource Owner Password Credentials 

The demo which Ramin walked the community through focused on the first flow, Authorization Code. 

You can find this sample in the Teams Dev Sample GitHub repo here 

 Teams UI Toolkit and UI Library   

The second half our call was focused on the new Teams UI design resources that are now available for use. Emily Chen from the Microsoft Teams team joined us to present on all the great design resources that have been created to make the design experience as seamless as possible. During this presentation she covered the following new resources which you can access in the links below. For further information on these new resources, you can also read a recent blog post we compiled that cover these, as well.  

Teams UI Design Resources: 

 Watch the call here 


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Microsoft Teams Resources 

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