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Your Guide to Teams and Office Add-ins at Microsoft Build 2017


Discover the Pixton Comic Characters add-in for Office and create engaging visual communications – one of the many engaging add-ins available for Office. 

All across Office and within Microsoft Teams, wherever developers extend the user interface, they can use web applications, patterns, and tools to extend the user experience. Add-ins within Office let developers integrate deeply with apps like Excel, Outlook, and Word, and access a rich JavaScript API for working with app data. Microsoft Teams features Tabs, which are ways to bring in web content into your Team channels. SharePoint Framework supports a robust toolchain to support developers who are using client-side development techniques.

Developers can use tools such as Visual Studio or Yeoman to kick off and work on their projects.

In addition, we offer Office UI Fabric as an open source toolkit to accelerate having applications share in the same look-and-feel and components as the Office applications themselves.

Discover more about how you can bring your web skills and apps to Office Add-ins and Microsoft Teams across Microsoft Build.

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