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Office Dev PnP Web Cast – Introduction to Office 365 Dev PnP Provisioning Engine

In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on the PnP Remote Provisioning engine, which is part of the PnP Core component and can be used to remotely extract and provision standardized sites based on remote templates. This is typical requirement for enterprises and we have classically used technologies like site definitions, site templates or web templates to achieve this. During the call we cover the different classical options and why the remote provisioning model has significant advantages on classical feature framework based provisioning. PnP Remote Provisioning Engine is open source and developed together with the community with tens of individual contributors.

Erwin is demonstrating the usage of the engine during the call with simple console application. You can take advantage of the PnP Provisioning Engine with managed code and typically templates would be applied using Azure WebJobs in the Office 365 or using remote time job pattern at on-premises. You can locate similar simple console application as used in the video from the PnP sample library called as Provisioning.Framework.Console.

Notice. When you are implementing production ready site collection provisioning and template handling solution, you should take advantage of so called Asynchronous pattern, so that you will not face any time out issues while sites are being provisioned or template is being applied. See links below under resources for samples using also Async model.

Additional resources for provisioning engine

See following PnP videos for additional details around the PnP Provisioning Engine

See following samples from the PnP library for additional reference around the covered topics.

Next week we’ll have a look on the PnP Partner Pack with Paolo Pialorsi (MVP) from the PnP core team. PnP Partner Pack is packaged and documented solution package for typical SharePoint customizations towards Office 365, including site collection and sub site provisioning, “save site as a template” with remote templates, governance timer jobs, responsive user interfaces and other typical implementations. PnP Partner Pack is great reference solution and starting point for customers and partners to start implementing their own specific customizations for their deployments.

What is Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) web cast series? Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices

We have started this weekly Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) web cast series to cover different patterns, practices and topics around development with Office 365 and SharePoint. Majority of the topics are valid for the Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises. We will release new around 30 minute long web cast each Monday with few slides and live demo on the covered topic. All web casts are published at the PnP Channel 9 video blog with additional references on the existing materials.

PnP is community driven open source project where Microsoft and external community members are sharing their learning’s around implementation practices for Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises (add-in model). Active development and contributions happen our GitHub project under Dev branch and each month there will be a master merge (monthly release) with more comprehensive testing and communications. Latest activities and future plans are covered in our monthly community calls which are open for anyone from the community. Download invite from

This is work done by the community for the community without any actual full time people. It’s been great to find both internal and external people who are willing to assist and share their learning’s for the benefit of others. This way we can build on the common knowledge of us all. Currently program is facilitated by Microsoft, but already at this point we have multiple community members as part of the Core team and we are looking to extend the Core team with more community members.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around PnP program or this blog post, please use the PnP Yammer group at

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, Office 365, Microsoft