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LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Word: Now available on Windows, Mac, and Word Online

Great news! With our recent launch to Word Online, Resume Assistant is at 100% Production across Windows, Mac, and Word Online, now available to about 52.5M users across platforms.
LinkedIn Resume Assistant on Windows, Mack and Word Online

What is Resume Assistant?

Resume Assistant delivers LinkedIn-powered insights and examples to help users create their best resume and take the next step in their career.  It is one of the first Microsoft + LinkedIn integrations aiming to delight our users with intelligent experiences.

LInkedIn Resume Assistant animated GIF

Our research indicated that over 80% of all resumes in the US are created or edited in Word.   With a resume classifier built by NLX, we can now detect when users open a resume and launch Resume Assistant.

This is one of the first times we’ve been able to classify documents in Word.  Last month, 2 million users saw the Resume Assistant pane on Windows,representing 5% of our 37M eligible Windows users.  This shows how frequently resumes are created or edited in Word!

In the Resume Assistant pane, users can get inspiration for how to describe their experiences, skill suggestions, resume best practices, and even recommended jobs, right from within Word!

How was Resume Assistant received?

Since our initial launch to Windows Insider Fast in November 2017, Resume Assistant has received highly positive and widespread media attention given that this was one of the first major integrations between Microsoft and LinkedIn.

Microsoft starts using LinkedIn data to help you get a better job

“Microsoft is doing more with its big LinkedIn acquisition, and it could help you score your next job.”  – CNBC

Microsoft Word and LinkedIn will now help you write a killer resume

If successful people in your line of work use the terms “project management” and “corporate finance,” Resume Assistant will suggest you do, too. The idea is to make you sound amazing on paper, so you get the interview. ” – Business Insider

Microsoft Word Is Getting a Resume Assistant From LinkedIn – AdWeek

Microsoft Word’s new ‘Resume Assistant’ uses LinkedIn to make your resume better

“Though the LinkedIn data is available to anyone outside of Resume Assistant too, it shows how the two companies are combining their data to make their platforms more personalized to each user.” – Mashable

Microsoft and LinkedIn can help you craft a resume – USA Today

LinkedIn and Microsoft team up for a resume building tool in Word

This will be one of the first instances of Microsoft not only giving you help with the format of a document, but with the content that goes into it, and a resume is a pretty important and often foxing document at that.” – TechCrunch

Marketing and PR teams across both Microsoft and LinkedIn held a press event for our initial launch, and kept up the amazing work as we continued to roll out across platforms.  We had multiple videos and blog posts, promoted Resume Assistant in the Microsoft Store, showcased it at the LinkedIn and Microsoft “Rock your Career” Event on May 1st in NYC, and gave a talk on partnership at MS Inspire.

LinkedIn Resume Assistant promotion events

It’s amazing to see such a positive reaction to Resume Assistant and the Microsoft + LinkedIn partnership!

Data insights

As with other Office Intelligent services, we pay close attention to Resume Assistant’s usage metrics, particularly Seen, Tried, and Kept.

One major hurdle we’ve had throughout the project was the lack of data pipeline between Microsoft and LinkedIn, as the companies are separate legal entities.  LinkedIn owns the in-pane engagement data, and is only able to report numbers back to us in aggregate, which means relying on manual data analysis. Many thanks to Jeff Jarrard, Ran Zhang, Benjamin Yao, Meiguo Wang, and data scientists at LinkedIn for all of their help in this effort.

Here are our latest monthly numbers:


In the month of July, 2M users encountered the Resume Assistant pane on Windows, mostly via automatic-open from resume detection or resume template usage.  This represents 5% of our 37M eligible Windows users, which shows how frequently resumes are created or edited in Word!

Of those 2M users who saw the pane in July (“Seen”), 7% of the users clicked through the onboarding pane to search for a role (“Tried”), and 48% of those users further engaged by clicking on a module like articles or “See more Examples”.

See below for ways we are looking to increase engagement rate.


  • On Mac, we were ramping through July yet still had 260k users see the pane in that month.  Now that we are at 100% our eligible user base is about 13.2M.
  • Of the 260k “Seen” users in July, 15% of the users clicked through the onboarding pane to search for a role (“Tried”), and 53% of those users further engaged by clicking on a module like articles or “See more Examples”.  We hypothesize that the try rates are higher on Mac due to user demographics, novelty effect, and lower rate of agave errors.

Word Online

  • On Word Online, the Resume Detection ribbon button was at 50% exposure during July.  Now that we are at 100%, our eligible user base is about 2.3M users in Consumer OneDrive and Exchange Online.
  • Although the Resume detection component is coming to Word Online later this year, we still had 4k users open the pane via ribbon button in July while we were ramping up.  Of the 260k “Seen” users, 24% of the users clicked through the onboarding pane to search for a role (“Tried”), and 55% of those users further engaged by clicking on a module like articles or “See more Examples”.

We’re excited about the amount of users we’re able to reach, to provide high value in resume scenarios and drive brand awareness and to LinkedIn.  See below for some of the work we’re planning to increase eligible users and engagement rates.

User Feedback

Here are some of the top feedback trends since we began rolling out:

Positive comments

“This has been immensely helpful in building a competitive resume. I don’t know how I lived without it.”

“What an innovative and helpful way to get people out of a description rut. Thank you!”

“It came at just the right time and was easy to use. I love how it is just over to the side so that I can keep my resume open at the same time.”

“Excellent wordings and relevant choice of words are important in a CV, with the help of CV assistance I got to know many of them….otherwise I would have missed.”

“What a help just when I needed it! I was so surprised this popped up in word! Genius!”

“just love how you guys put a resume assistant function in it. And it automatically pop up when I open my resume and really surprise me!  It’s really helpful, I love this great design”

How do I get Resume Assistant Given the heavy promotion in the initial announcement, we received a lot of feedback and questions about how to enable Resume Assistant, especially from Mac users.  We’re happy that this feedback has reduced now that Resume Assistant is more broadly available.  We even saw comments from users who got Office 365 subscriptions just for Resume Assistant!

Feature requests Users have asked for additional functionality in Resume Assistant, such as the ability to import their LinkedIn profile and more work experience examples.

Trigger logic feedback/ want to disable  Because we open the Resume Assistant pane and callout automatically, we saw comments like “how do i get rid of this popup. i didn’t ask for it, i don’t need it, and i don’t want it”. To address this feedback we worked with the Design for Interruption v‑team and updated our trigger logic to be less aggressive if the user dismissed the callout or pane.  We also updated our help article with information on how to disable Resume Assistant.  We’re continuing to monitor for feedback to make improvements.

Privacy concerns, perception of ads A subcategory of the above feedback was from users who expressed concern about privacy and ad targeting.  For example, I open a CV in Word and get an ad (!) for LinkedIn! On an expensive PAID product? Seriously? ”.  We worked with legal and privacy teams to respond to and reassure these users, have updated our help article, and are experimenting with onboarding screen treatments that feel more native and less ad-like (see below).

Feature bugs During our Mac roll-out, we discovered a crash on Yosemite OS through user feedback.  As the crash was in Apple code we decided to disable the feature on Yosemite OS. We are working with the Growth team on better scorecard segmentation and alerting to help identify these issues earlier.  We also received several reports of users being unable to use Resume Assistant on Windows because they did not have Internet Explorer enabled.  The OP team is removing this dependency with their ‘trusted host’ work in the September fork.

Learnings from the Journey

It’s been an incredible journey working with multiple teams across LinkedIn and Microsoft to build Resume Assistant!

We look forward to providing Resume Assistant to more users to help them create their best resume yet and get connected with resources on LinkedIn!


Resume Assistant Team (Microsoft)