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Microsoft Graph community call-February 2, 2021

Hosted by Sébastien Levert, this month’s call covered topics including Microsoft Graph Cares Team to talk about Microsoft Q&A, Search API General Availability and SharePoint Site Collection Level Permissions demo. 

Microsoft Graph Cares Team to talk about Microsoft Q&A

Kendall Berns from the Microsoft Graph Cares Team delivers an update on Microsoft Q&A – the home for technical questions and answers at Microsoft and used by the Graph team.   Go to to engage the Graph Community.  Microsoft owns this Q&A platform allowing tighter integration with docs, learning and support materials.  Questions you may have posted in other forums are now replicated here.    

Search API – General Availability 

The Graph Search API went General Availability (GA) 2 weeks ago.  Tong Zheng delivers an Overview of Graph Search API, and on current supporting API features (Select Properties, Sort Search Results, Numeric Refiner, String Refiner, Single/Multiple Connectors).  Nicolas Moreau talks about capabilities being delivered in next 6 months (Spelling Correction, Common Schema for Connectors, Adaptive Cards in response, Content Types, Suggest Endpoint and Search Sample).     

Endpoints in MS Graph – 

Demo:  SharePoint Site Collection Level Permissions 

Jeremy Kelley details the Microsoft Graph org’s permissions scope phase 1 deployment, in a sure to be a multi-phase rollout, of resource-based consent for app development that limits uncontrolled site-wide access to resources.   The discussed functionality – Permissions endpoint on sites goes out in this week’s deployment of the Graph schema along with documentation, Permissions Scope is already present in the AAD portal, and Site Enumeration capability is presently available in Graph v1.0 as well.   

Microsoft Graph TAP program 

We just started a TAP program for Microsoft Graph and we are looking for additional partners and customers to join. Benefits to participation in the program include: 

  • Monthly TAP calls with workload deep dives 
  • Early access / notification of upcoming features 
  • Case studies and keynote showcases 
  • Share feedback and feature requests 

Complete the submission for our review at 

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Microsoft Graph feedback 

Next month’s call is on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 8:00am PST. Be sure to download the call series and add to your calendar.