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Office Add-ins community call – January 8, 2020

January’s call, hosted by Kim Brandl, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Alex Jerabek, Dev Writer, provided a general overview of Office Add-ins.
  • Raymond Lu, Senior Program Manager, shared information about Excel preview (beta) APIs in requirement set 1.11.
  • Vesa Juvonen, Principal Program Manager, presented about building Office Add-ins using the SharePoint Framework.
  • Kim Brandl, Senior Dev Writer, shared that the Yeoman generator for Office Add-ins will soon support creating SSO-enabled Office Add-ins.

Watch the call here.

View the presentation here.


We welcome you to submit questions and topic suggestions in advance of each call by using our short survey form.

Is there an Excel API for managing Notes in Excel (i.e., the old style of comments)?

Managing notes via the Excel JavaScript API is not currently supported.

During Ignite (2019) we heard about an upcoming Excel API for managing cell-level metadata in Excel. Is that on the near-term roadmap?

APIs for cell metadata are currently in our backlog. We haven’t yet started this item (and don’t have a timeline to share) because there’s an important dependency and the development cost will be relatively high. We’ll be sure to announce on an upcoming community call whenever these APIs are under development.

Will Office JavaScript APIs for Word be discussed in a future community call? If so, when?

The Word API team may present on a future call, whenever there’s new info to share. We announce the agenda of each upcoming Office Add-ins community call via @OfficeDev on Twitter, so watch there for future call agenda items. In the meantime, if you have specific questions about using the Word JavaScript APIs, consider posting them to Stack Overflow (tagged with office-js).

What if you want to modify an existing Office Add-in to use single sign-on (SSO)? Can you extract code from the SSO-enabled project that the Yeoman generator creates and use it to modify an existing add-in to use SSO?

Extracting code from the SSO-enabled project that the Yeoman generator creates and using it to enable SSO for an existing add-in should be feasible. However, you’d still need to complete some additional steps (beyond just adding the SSO-related code to your existing add-in), i.e., things like registering an application in Azure Active Directory and establishing the required SSO-related settings. You may be able to use the Office-Addin-SSO package to accomplish these tasks; if necessary, the Create a Node.js Office Add-in that uses SSO tutorial contains detailed guidance for completing this process step-by-step.

What’s the timeframe for general availability of Single Sign-On (SSO) in Office Add-ins?

SSO for Office Add-ins is currently still in developer preview and we hope to reach GA soon, although we don’t currently have a specific timeline to share. Please watch our various communication channels (@OfficeDev on Twitter, the Office Developer blog) for the GA announcement when the time comes.

Will updates of these new SPFx-based extension be auto-updated via AppSource (ISV scenario)?

AppSource integration will be released later this spring, but idea is that all similar capabilities as other add-in implementations are fully available. Related — on the multi-tenant solutions — not yet and not initially, but the objective is that it would be also a fully supported feature and option in future.


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