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Office Add-ins community call-March 13, 2019

The Office Add-ins community call is our monthly event for developers to connect in real-time with the folks who are building the Office Add-ins platform and JavaScript APIs. During this call, we share updates about new Office JavaScript APIs and provide tips about useful tools, samples, and resources for developing Office Add-ins.

The March call featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Doug Mahugh, Senior Dev Writer, presented an overview Office Add-ins and shared how to register for Build 2019, which will take place May 6-8 in Seattle.
  • Sohail Zafar, Principal Program Manager, covered what’s new in the Outlook JavaScript APIs, including requirement set 1.7 (which has been released) as well as plans for requirement set 1.8 (which is in progress).
  • Nitesh Golchha, Senior Program Manager, shared the current plan for Office Add-ins SSO features and asked for community feedback.
  • David Chesnut, Senior Dev Writer, covered an example of the AsyncStorage pattern for custom functions, and discussed the new Office Add-ins Patterns & Practices initiative and explained how to get involved.
  • Sudheer Maremanda, Senior Program Manager, provided an update on the current status of the Edge WebView control.
  • Mark Roden, Director of Technical Solutions at PSC Group, gave a demo of a Word add-in that takes advantage of the latest SSO capabilities, and shared his insights into the business opportunities around add-ins development.

Watch the call here.

View the presentation here

The next Office Add-ins community call is on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 8:00AM PST. You can download a recurring calendar invite at https://aka.ms/officeaddinscommunitycall.

Engage with us

Are you interested in delivering a presentation during an upcoming Office Add-ins community call? Or would you be willing to provide feedback aimed at helping to improve the Office Add-ins documentation? If you answered yes to either (or both!) of these questions, please connect with us by completing this short survey form.


We welcome you to submit questions and topic suggestions in advance of each call by using our short survey form. Here’s the Q&A for questions that were submitted for February’s call:

When was Outlook 1.6 requirement set released?

The Outlook 1.6 requirement set was released in Q4 CY2018

What is the timeline for releasing OnSend event for Outlook Windows client? What about Mac client support?

Support for the OnSend event in the Outlook client apps for Windows and Mac is in progress, and we are targeting Q3 CY19 for release.

Does SSO support both AAD v1 and AAD v2?

For SSO, you need to register a V2 AAD application, and you will get a V2 access token.

When we implement SSO we can access Graph, but can we access SharePoint also?

Right now, we only support Graph. We’re interested in learning about your needs for SharePoint access, which you can provide in our SSO usage survey.

What’s the projected timeline for bringing SSO to regular Office 365?

The SSO features will be released to GA incrementally, and we plan to share the timeline in the next month or so.

Any plans to support SSO for Single Page Applications (SPAs)?

Yes, we are thinking along those lines but not for rich clients (Win32 and Mac). SPAs, if at all, would be supported for only WAC.

What is the guidance if a developer wants to only target ECMAScript 2015 or higher?

The developer could programmatically detect if their script is supported and change behavior accordingly. Unfortunately, we can’t provide exceptions based on platforms.

Currently there is a IE11 sync issue with LocalStorage. Will it be solved with the Edge web view?

This shouldn’t be an issue with the Edge WebView control. Please test and let us know if you see any errors.

What’s the memory allocation limit of Office Add-ins that use the Edge WebView control?

Can you provide more context on this question in the comment thread below?

What is the size limit for OfficeRuntime.AsyncStorage?

The size limit is 10 MB per domain (not per add-in). If the developer has multiple add-ins hosted on the same domain, the add-ins will share the async storage file and contribute to the limit together.

Also, add-ins (with same domain) deployed on OMEX and Corp Catalog get their own async storage files (they cannot share data), so again each domain would get 10 MB.

Can we simplify this development model like how SharePoint did with the SharePoint Framework? Automatic hosting, deployment, and Graph API management

This is great feedback, and we are looking into options to address these areas but have nothing to announce at this time.


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