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Office Add-ins community call – November 13, 2019

November’s Office Add-ins community call, hosted by David Chesnut, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Alex Jerabek, Dev Writer provided a general overview of Office Add-ins.
  • Nitesh Golchha, Senior Program Manager, covered new SSO features under development.
  • Juan Balmori Labra, Senior Program Manager, reviewed highlights and announcements for Outlook add-ins at the Microsoft Ignite conference.
  • Keyur Patel, Senior Program Manager, reviewed highlights and announcements for Excel add-ins at the Microsoft Ignite conference.
  • Michelle Scharlock, Dev Writer, announced the new Microsoft Learn module for Office Add-in programming, and highlighted some new documentation updates for features announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference.

Watch the call here.

View the presentation here:


We welcome you to submit questions and topic suggestions in advance of each call by using our short survey form

Is the OnSend feature in Outlook expected to be in the next Semi-Annual release?


Can we please get an update on addFileAttachmentAsync being broken in Outlook Desktop? ( for reference). It’s a pretty major piece of broken functionality, and the ticket has been quiet for a very long time.

We don’t have an update yet and we are continuing to investigate this.

Is this technology add-in sandboxed? Can I save for example an email to the local disk?

Office Add-ins run in the context of a browser runtime. You can find information about this in the Office Add-ins platform overview, and also Requirements for running add-ins. At this time, you cannot save an email to the local disk.

Could you please refresh/update on what types of Office Add-ins we can upload on the stores at the moment. What about developing for Outlook 2019?

Office Add-ins for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook can be published to AppSource right now. For more information, see Make your solutions available in AppSource and within Office. And, yes, you can also publish add-ins for Outlook 2019 to AppSource.

Hi! Sorry to start with a question but does anyone know whether VSTO will be part of .NET 5.0?

For VSTO, we are committed to keeping that platform working and healthy, but our future investments will be in Office web add-ins. The team has been thinking about providing Office web add-in samples patterns and practices (PnP) for **.NET Core** in Visual Studio.  We’ll share it publicly when ready.

Office web add-in samples PNP for **.NET Core** in Visual Studio would mean that there the template generates a .NET Core backend?

Yes, that is correct. The template generates a .NET Core backend with a Web add-in front end.

Would like to see if there is an update with this:

it’s still in preview and would like to know when it will be GA?

There are a few issues implementing the API on the other platforms (with regards to external dependencies), so it remains in preview right now. It’s on our backlog, but there’s no concrete date.

Will the web add-ins support the new Edge-based Chromium browser in the near future so COM based drag/drop will be supported?

Yes, our plan is to support the new Chromium version of the browser. We don’t believe that drag/drop will work out of the box and that may need more work.

Please vote on the drag/drop item on our UserVoice channel –

Does this API (SSO) returns a token that can be used on Microsoft Graph?

You will be able to use a token for Microsoft Graph, but on the first deliverable only though add-ins deployed via centralized deployment. AppSource add-ins will come later.

Will Blazor be supported for Office Add-ins?

No, it will be a React Office.js add-in. We don’t have any plans to support Blazor yet. For that, please put a note on our UserVoice channel: There are several UserVoice items already on this, so know that we are listening to your feedback and prioritizing based on customer requests. The more requests we get for particular features, the more we will consider moving forward with developing it. 

I got a question regarding clientside framework guidance. I noticed that Fabric UI components only work with React. Does that mean that React is the framework favored by Microsoft when creating web add-ins? What about support for other frameworks like Vue?

Although React is the only web framework we have a component library for, we do have a Fabric Core library that can be integrated into any front-end web framework. Using Github’s dependency graph, you may be able to find several community driven Vue projects already utilizing Fabric Core (

Impressive progress in Excel API completeness. How is the roadmap for Word? Word API 1.4 has been in preview for more than 2 years now. Can we expect any updates soon?

The team is primarily focused on Outlook and Excel, currently. We are looking into a similar graph for Word, but we have no update to share yet.

The OfficeRunTime.auth needs to run on a displayDialog? Can I just call the OfficeRunTime.auth.getAccessToken() or do I need to do it inside a webDialog popup?

We have created a single sample ( that falls back to Dialog API in case Office is not able to get you an access token. If you are running into the Dialog when testing, this could mean several things. We’d need to see what error you are getting, but the first check would be to ensure that you are running the Office client under the same tenant that was used to create your Azure v2.0 app.

I noticed that the _Attach debugger_ command in the personality menu of add-ins is broken (from what I can tell this is related to Edge vs IE). Is this an issue that is already tracked internally? Should I create a GitHub issue?

You are right, the Attach Debugger command is indeed a bug related to the web engine currently being supported by the add-ins. We are working towards a solution.

Is there any support for subfolders and Public Folders coming? We need to get contact information from a public folder and log emails to those contacts.

At the moment, there is no support for that, but a good alternative might be to use REST or Microsoft Graph APIs. If you need more help, please open an issue on StackOverflow and we can help brainstorm a good solution.

With SSO, after taking the response token, it should work on Microsoft Graph on my backend without problems, correct?

The response token will work in all pre-consented scenarios. In Office Add-ins, this means that an admin or develop consents to Microsoft Graph scopes.


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