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PowerApps community call – February 20, 2019

Hello PowerAppers!

In our February call we chatted about components and PowerTwitter. Thanks to our presenters Yifei Wang, Eickhel Mendoza, and also to Brian Dang for answering questions in chat. Audrie will be back hosting the call next month with me. See you all next month, power on! – Todd Baginski

Our agenda for this month’s call included:

  • Yifei Wang – PowerApps updates: New! Reusable Components!
  • Eickel Mendoza – PowerTwitter Presentation
  • Todd Baginski – Recent news, community activities and monthly tip
  • Q&A

Watch the February call here.

View the presentation here.

Next month’s call is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 8:00am PST. We look forward to sharing with you then!

These calls are the 3rd Wednesday of each month where we will share the latest news about PowerApps, demonstrate tips and tools to help you build awesome PowerApps. You will meet the PowerApps product team and community experts to get your questions answered.

You can download a recurring monthly calendar invite at


Submit your community content now so we can feature it on the call! Tweet #PowerAppsCC and you will be automatically entered into the 1st quarter raffle to win an Xbox!!

Resources from February’s call



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PowerApps News

Community Contributions – THANK YOU!

Q&A from the call

Anyone have any idea when PowerApps will be available to EXTERNAL SharePoint users?

We have not announced a date for that but we are actively working on it.

PowerApps roadmap


When will components be available in all environments?

It’s in there now. You’ll need to go to File > App Settings > Advanced settings and flick it on to see them.

Can the component “library” be shared across apps and can we share with our team?

Components can be exported from one app and imported into another

Is there an article on this that we can share with others in our company?

So, components have to be created from scratch, right? If I have existing Power Apps – can I add existing items into a component bucket?

You can create new components out of existing controls in PowerApps.

Hiroaki Nagao from our community has also shared a calendar component if you’re interested in seeing his:

Does this work no matter where the data comes from?  Say creating a PowerApps from a SharePoint list.


You can hide the Calendar component after a date selection, correct?



I can see a real-world scenario for this. When companies want to pull only positive tweets regarding this twitter handle and present it to their employees then this would be the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Did you use the Hashtags function?

Hashtags function for reference:

Are you able to build out a filtering process for tweets?

Yes, you can use Filter functions on collections returns from the Twitter connector.

Can we get the Power APP file to go over the functionality used in PowerTwitter?

Yes, it is available on Eickhel’s GitHub repo –

Eickhel was referring to this whitepaper on best practices:

We’re also working on a whitepaper for best practices about components, which will include on how to take advantage of custom properties

Where can we share our stuff with others?

Community App Gallery and Github are good places to upload your PowerApps.

When can we expect the powerplatform admin center to become generally available?

PowerApps roadmap

Anyone have any idea when PowerApps will be available to EXTERNAL SharePoint users. Could it be this year?

We have not announced a date for that but we are actively working on it.

Any general advice on the safety of using experimental features in production apps? The “features might change, break, or disappear at any time”. Love Enhanced Groups, etc, but would hate for them to disappear from my apps.

Discuss with your client and let them know the risk, then decide how to proceed from there.

Roadmap discussion

PowerApps roadmap

Are components experimental?

Yes, right now they are experimental.