PowerApps community call-March 20, 2019

Hello PowerAppers!

In our March call we chatted about migrating InfoPath solutions to PowerApps and Flow. Thanks to our presenters Adrian Orth, Dave Chennault, and also to Brian Dang, Vivek Bavishi, and Anton Robbins for answering questions in chat.

We set a new attendance record for the call this month when we hit the limit of 250 attendees for a Microsoft Teams meeting. What an amazing community we have! We’re working on finding a new way to bring you the webcast that allows more than 250 people to join.

See you all next month, Power on!

– Todd Baginski and Audrie Gordon

Our agenda for this month’s call included:

  • Adrian Orth – InfoPath to PowerApps migration
  • Dave Chennault – Expediting InfoPath analysis and migration
  • Todd Baginski and Audrie Gordon – Recent news, community activities and monthly tips
  • Q&A

Watch the March call here. Please note that there was a section at the beginning with no audio, so we removed it and started midway through Adrian’s presentation.

View the presentation here.

Next month’s call is on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 8:00am PST. We look forward to sharing with you then!

These calls are the 3rd Wednesday of each month where we will share the latest news about PowerApps, demonstrate tips and tools to help you build awesome PowerApps. You will meet the PowerApps product team and community experts to get your questions answered.

You can download a recurring monthly calendar invite at https://aka.ms/powerappscommunitycall


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Resources from March’s call

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PowerApps News

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Q&A from the call

Will there ever be a concordance between #MicrosoftFlow formulas/expressions & #PowerApps formulas/expressions?

This is not planned at this time, although we have received this feedback. Please post that idea in the ideas forum.

Where can I find where a flow is called in an app? (ex: Expense Report app template runs an approval flow.  I am trying to locate the trigger in PowerApps) The variables are easy to find direct/indirect uses, but I can’t seem to find where a flow is used.

Expense Report details: https://docs.microsoft.com/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/expense-report-install

Regarding “Decide data storage”, do you have any online video tutorials or documents with more info on this?

Check out this blog to understand what data storage makes sense for your requirement

This may be a very rudimentary question though I am curious. What exactly are ‘solutions’? Noticed that appear in my environments where I created a CDS so applying the transitive property (sorry I’m a #mathgeek ha ha), do CDS & solutions go hand in hand? (full disclosure: my tenant is E5 with Dynamics365CE)


Is there anything on the roadmap to copy one PowerApps form to another list?

Check out the roadmap here if you’re curious what’s coming next:

I am new to CDS, am I right to assume that CDS is backed by a relational database? Is it possible for developers to access that database directly and run sql queries there just for information purposes ?

The common data service is built on SQL Azure. We are making it very easy for you to query CDS directly from PA, Flow, PBI., which you can do now with the SDK.

​Is there a workaround to export/import custom SP forms?

Can the SkyLite tool be used with both 2010 and 2013 InfoPath forms?


Does anyone know of any tool for moving from Lotus Notes to PowerApps?


and https://www.quest.com/products/migrator-for-notes-to-sharepoint/