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SharePoint Community – October 2020 monthly community call recording

The SharePoint PnP Community monthly call is our general monthly review of the latest SharePoint and Microsoft 365 PnP topics (news, tools, extensions, features, capabilities, content and training), engineering priorities and community recognition for Developers, IT Pros and Makers.  This monthly community call happens on the second Tuesday of each month. You can download recurrent invite from

Call Summary:

In this call, the latest deliveries highlighted:  Key Microsoft Ignite 2020 announcements in SharePoint blog, Microsoft 365 Community (PnP) – October 2020 update, PnP Weekly episodes including today’s Episode 100 with guest host Sébastien Levert (Valo Intranet) – blog post, podcast, and additional training sessions added on Sharing-is-Caring site for learning how to contribute in Microsoft open-source efforts.  Top SharePoint UserVoice non-dev focus areas include enabling renaming the SPO tenant domain and total revamp for Wikis.  Top SPFx UserVoice focus is on allowing developers to develop custom modern SPFx forms with custom edit experience.   There were 200 + active contributors and organizations in the last month!   Thank you for your assistance.  You are truly making an impact worldwide.  The host of this call was Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft). Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call in the chat.

Community Picture Time:

Featured topics: 

SharePoint Framework – Latest and what’s coming? – New capabilities delivered in SPFx v1.11:  Write SPFx Task Modules for Microsoft Teams, new set of metadata for SPFx solutions, support for dedicated images in app pages, support for SPFx solutions in AppSource.  Road Ahead details for SPFx:  Performance improvements, Permission & AuthZ, Teams improvements, Inner loop improvements.   Better with Microsoft Teams is a fundamental focus.

Performance improvements and preview on Project Nucleus – Nucleus will be powering the next-gen of OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP) web applications focusing on performance, local installation, seamless updates, and basic offline capabilities.   The key is quickly rendering fully interactive content using modern Microsoft Edge and Chromium-based browsers.   Project Nucleus integration with Microsoft Lists is shown and a Private Preview is announced.


You can check the latest updates in the monthly summary and at Download a recurrent invite for these monthly calls at

This call was delivered on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. The call agenda is reflected below with direct links to specific sections.  You can jump directly to a specific topic by clicking on the topic’s timestamp which will redirect your browser to that topic in the recording published on the Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Community YouTube Channel.

  • SharePoint community update with latest news and roadmap – 2:49
  • UserVoice status for SharePoint Dev – 4:25
  • Community contributors and companies which have been involved in the past month – 10:33
  • Featured Topic:  SharePoint Framework – Latest and what’s coming? – Luca Bandinelli (Microsoft) | Pat Miller (Microsoft) | @PatMill_MSFT – 13:39
  • Featured Topic:  Performance improvements and preview on Project Nucleus | Andrey Esipov (Microsoft) – 35:55

The full recording of this session is available from Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Community YouTube channel –

Presentation slides used in this community call are found at OneDrive.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 14th of October 2020