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SharePoint Framework Community Call Recording – 16th of July 2020

SharePoint Framework Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly community call recording from July 16th is now available from the Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Community YouTube channel at

Call summary:

Announcing SharePoint Framework v1.11 – Extend more of Microsoft Teams, publish to AppSource and more.  Thanks to SPFx Store Preview Partners – Lighting Tools, hyprfish, Sharepointalist, Officeatwork, and Rencore.  New releases: Office 365 CLI beta v2.12, SPFx Generator v1.14.2, and PnP Modern Search v3.14.2.  PnPjs v2.0.7 release scheduled July 24.  Samples delivered in the last 2 weeks include 1 extension and 13 new or updated web parts.   The host of this call was Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) @mediocrebowler.  There was 5 minutes of Q&A at end of call, as well as in chat throughout the call.


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  1. Creating a Minesweeper game in React with SPFx – First time contributor Pieter Heemeryck added the classic game of Minesweeper into the PnP Samples repository as a SPFx webpart created with Fluent UI.  Get to know the code through the CodeTour (VS Extension) he recorded.  Functionality:  Click (discover), Plant (flag), chording, reset, and 3 difficulty level settings.  Displays score and high score.   High Scores – SharePoint API REST calls to back-end SharePoint list.
  2. Sending a Teams Message using Microsoft Graph from a SPFx web part – Here’s a SPFx web part that can be located on an intranet homepage that detects the current user’s login state, displays the user’s Team affiliations in a Tree view and allows the user to select a Microsoft Teams channel to which to send a message.   The web part uses Teams Graph end-points to deliver personalized content to the currently logged-in user.
  3. Create a To Do task with Microsoft Graph from an email with SPFx Outlook Add-In – Use an SPFx Outlook Add-in and Microsoft Graph ToDo endpoint (in preview) to add a To Do task to one of your task lists in Outlook.  This Add-in uses the SPFx CreateTask web part to call graph.   Of course, you may use the SPFx web part in Outlook, Sharepoint or in Teams.  The presenter delivers a complete step-by-step on deploying the Outlook Add-in.
SPFx extension samples:

SPFx web part samples:

Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.

Agenda items:

  • Latest updates on SharePoint Framework – 7:34
  • PnPjs Client Libraries – 10:24
  • Office 365 CLI – 12:50
  • SPFx reusable controls – 14:01
  • SPFx Generator – 15:27
  • PnP Search Solution – 15:50
  • PnP SPFx Samples | Hugo Bernier (Tahoe Ninjas) | @bernierh 16:23

Demos :

  • Creating a Minesweeper game in React with SPFx | Pieter Heemeryck (Delaware Belux) | @heemeryckpieter  19:23
  • Sending a Teams Message using Microsoft Graph from a SPFx web part | Siddharth Vaghasia (TCS) | @siddh_me 28:27
  • Create a To Do task with Microsoft Graph from an email with SPFx Outlook Add-In | Luis Mañez (ClearPeople) | @luismanez 36:38


Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.

Other mentioned topics

Next Meeting is on July 30, 2020

PnP SharePoint Framework Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted for anyone who is interested in the JavaScript-based development towards SharePoint Online and also on-premises. SIG calls are used for following objectives.

  • SharePoint Framework engineering update from Microsoft
  • Talk about PnP JavaScript Core libraries
  • Office 365 CLI Updates
  • SPFx reusable controls
  • PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Share code samples and best practices
  • Possible engineering asks for the field – input, feedback, and suggestions
  • Cover any open questions on the client side development
  • Demonstrate SharePoint Framework in practice – also community demos are more than welcome (let us know, if you’re interested)

You can download recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion!

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 17th of July 2020