SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / Patterns and Practices – February 2018 monthly community call recording

SharePoint monthly community call is our monthly event for SharePoint developers to stay up to date on the latest changes to SharePoint Dev topics from engineering and community perspective. This monthly community call is on every second Tuesday of each month where we go through a summary of SharePoint Development engineering news, latest guidance, status in UserVoice, community contributions and other relevant topics.

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This is the recording of SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / Patterns and Practices (PnP) community call from Tuesday 13th of February 2018. Here’s used agenda with direct links to specific sections, if you want to directly jump to a specific topic (will redirect your browser to SharePoint Dev YouTube Channel).

  • Latest PnP component usage and GitHub metrics –  5:03
  • Quick look at the SharePoint Developer roadmap – 10:54
  • Top 10 UserVoice entries for SharePoint Dev and quick status – – 12:09
  • Summary on February 2018 Release – Summary on released materials around SharePoint Development since last monthly call – 14:03
  • Latest SharePoint Development videos – 16:01
  • Community contributors and companies which have been involved – 16:23

  • Demo – Preview of new provisioning schema and engine support status – Paolo Pialorsi ( – 18:35
  • Demo – Introduction to Office 365 CLI – Andrew Connell (Voitanos) – 33:09
  • Demo – APIs to modify modern page content and controls – Bert Jansen (Microsoft) – 49:23

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft  – 14th of February 2018