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Office Add-ins community call–July 8, 2020

July’s call, hosted by Alex Jerabek, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Artur Tarasenko, Software Engineer, presented a new developer tool: the Web View Switcher for Office Add-ins.
  • Sudhi Ramamurthy, Program Manager, shared the API improvements that have arrived in Office Scripts.
  • Michelle Scharlock, Dev Writer, fielded a survey about the programming languages and frameworks our developers use.

Watch the call here.


We welcome you to submit questions and topic suggestions in advance of each call by using our short survey form.

When are you planning on switching the browser engine to the Chromium version of Edge for Office Add-ins?

Office add-ins are already using the Chromium based Edge Webview2 control in the Insiders [Fast] channel. We are planning to GA this integration later this Fall. The exact monthly fork which will make this available to all users is still TBD. Please continue to dial into our monthly community call for the most up-to-date info.

Why does the Shared Runtime only support IE 11 and not Edge? That is based on the Browsers used by Office Add-ins page. Is this going to change to Edge as well?

This is a platform limitation in the current release of Shared Runtime. We are planning to support Edge in a future update.

When will there be a newer version of the PowerPoint JavaScript API?

We are actively working on new PowerPoint APIs, but do not have a release date for the next PowerPoint API requirement set at this time.

Can I disable mail editing mode without displaying a dialog using Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync() after the ItemSend event is triggered by the On-Send feature?

No, this is not possible to do today.

Can an Office script be called from an Office Add-in? Or could it work the other way round, calling functions of an add-in from the script?

Neither is possible today, but those are interesting feature ideas. You can call a script through Power Automate. We’re exploring the ability to record a broader set of actions for scripts.

Are Office Scripts part of the Workbook object, separate, both?

Your scripts are stored on your OneDrive. You can access your own scripts with any workbook in Excel on the web. You can also share a script with a workbook or others to use.

Is there any UI or Form element for Office Scripts?

No. If you need a UI, that would be the domain of Office Add-ins

Is it possible to call Rest API like Microsoft Graph API from Office Add In scripts?

We are working on proper, secure support for external REST calls.

Can Excel be setup to automatically start an add-in for any workbook (even if that workbook has never opened that add-in before) based on user group?

You can deploy an add-in with an autoopen taskpane feature to a particular user group.  There are 3 topics I’d recommend checking out:  (  OR  AND  (

Can multiple manifests be deployed dependent on user group with one code location?

Yup, that is possible today. That said, if you’re looking to build a contextual ribbon based on the user who opens the add-in, we will have contextual Ribbon APIs in development which we’d recommend as a model to follow (so you don’t have to manage multiple manifests).

Can multiple add-ins be deployed to one site in sub sites? e.g.,,,,

Yes! Each tenant will have its own centralized deployment instance and within each instance you can target specific users. all of those could be different manifests.


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