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Webcast – Using MSGraphClient within SharePoint Framework

In this PnP Webcast, we concentrated on how to access Microsoft Graph exposed information from SharePoint Framework solutions. When you want to access the Microsoft Graph APIs from SharePoint Framework solutions, you should be using the MSGraphClient component. This component will take care of all technical plumbing so that you can concentrate on building your business logic and presentation layer.

SharePoint Framework also provides additional governance layer for the Microsoft Graph, so that tenant administrators can view and manage which data is available from the Microsoft Graph for the different SharePoint Framework components. By default, none of the Microsoft Graph scopes are exposed, but developers can request needed information for their solutions based on business and technical requirements, which have to be then approved by tenant administrator before access to the information is available.

This capability was released to general availability as part of the SharePoint Framework 1.6 release and it is available for worldwide usage from Office 365.

The presentation covers the following discussion points:

  • Steps on using MSGraphClient within SharePoint Framework
  • Considerations on using MSGraphClient

Webcast demo shows the following things:

  • How to find out what permissions (scopes) are needed for Microsoft Graph API based on your solution design?
  • Adding scope permissions requests for the SharePoint Framework solution (package-solution.json)
  • How to use MSGraphClient in TypeScript within the client-side web part code?
  • Deployment of your solution to your Office 365 tenant
  • Managing your Microsoft Graph permissions (scopes) from the modern tenant administrative user interface
  • Using your web part in SharePoint modern experiences for accessing user specific information

Webcast presentersWaldek MastykarzVesa Juvonen

The presentation used in this webcast is available from the  PnP OneDrive account (a new location we start using for presentations).

Video on YouTube.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 3rd of October 2018