Develop for Windows 11

Update your existing apps or create brand new experiences with the Windows App SDK.

  • Windows App SDK

    Project Reunion and WinUI 3 are now known as the Windows App SDK. Learn about this new platform for creating apps to run on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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  • App development options

    All the information you need to get stared building apps for the Windows desktop environment or updating existing apps to take advantage of the latest Windows operating system experiences.

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  • Microsoft Build

    Come together with peers and experts May 24–26, 2022, for an engaging experience around the latest in innovation and tools that will help you stay informed.

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Calling Web Devs!

Develop apps using web technologies that let you use the latest Windows features and wow your users.

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  • Using WebView2

    Get started with WebView2 using the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3.

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  • Sample hybrid projects

    The WebView2 Samples repo includes sample projects for Win32, WPF, WinForms, and WinUI.

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  • Sample PWA projects

    Use this list of sample apps to learn more about how to use PWA features and APIs.

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Creative with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Store

Distribute your work to an audience of millions! Redesigned for developers to have new channels for discovery, including integration with your website and open support for more kinds of apps to run on Windows.

  • Open for all!

    Distribute your desktop app via the Store, no matter what app framework or packaging tool you use: Win32, .NET, Java, Electron, or MSIX.

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  • PWA

    Build Progressive Web Apps with PWABuilder 3, debug with PWA support in the Microsoft Edge dev tools, and publish your PWA in the Store, including access to new commerce tools and capabilities!

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    Join the waitlist to get your apps in the Store when it opens for business.

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Build games for Windows

Get the world-class tools and services used by PC game developers at the Game Dev website. The Game Development Kit (GDK) includes the SDK, libraries, and documentation you’ll need to build amazing games for Windows.

  • The best tools for developers are on Windows

    See why Windows 11 offers the best tools for developers that empower you to code with whatever language, framework, or environment you prefer.

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  • Become a Windows Insider!

    Start running Insider Preview builds of Windows 11 on your devices and see what's next for Windows.

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