Build for Arm

Embrace cutting-edge technology for a broader audience and enhanced user experience. Unlock the power of Arm today!

  • Power efficient

    Unprecedented battery life and energy efficiency

  • High performance

    Higher power per watt unlocks outstanding performance

  • Portability

    Light weight design, all-day battery life, perfect for on-the-go

  • Build for Arm

    Take advantage of all the benefits an Arm device has to offer. We have tools and resources to help you build Arm-native or add support to your existing app.

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  • Training Module

    Check out our learning module for a more in-depth understanding of Arm and how to add a build configuration for Arm64 architecture.

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Frameworks and Tools

Check out these native Arm64 frameworks and tools to help you add Arm support today!

Windows Dev Kit 2023

Windows Dev Kit 2023 runs Arm64 VMs and CI/CD infrastructure and services to build, test, and release apps at scale. It has a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that provides best-in-class AI computing capacity, multiple ports, and a stackable design for desktops and rack deployment.

Windows Dev Kit 2023
Arm Advisory Service

Arm Advisory Service

If you encounter a technical blocker while porting to Arm64 or looking for app development best practices, Windows engineers can help at no cost to you!

Customer Wins

  • Zscaler


    "The App Assure team engaged our common customers, drove periodic tracking meetings, helped with tough technical challenges, provided deep OS level solutions and so on. They also shared specialized ARM hardware which helped with development and testing."

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  • Absolute


    "The App Assure team facilitated a meaningful discussion with technical and marketing resources. It’s a testament to our partnership with Microsoft that the testing and certification moved incredibly fast – and we completed the project on time and under budget."

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