June 25th, 2019

Titan Center

8:00am - 5:00pm



The Insider Dev Tour is for developers interested in building Microsoft 365 experiences (Windows, Graph, Office, Teams) today, using the latest dev technologies, as well as for those who want a peek into the future. If you can read code, this is for you, regardless if you are a beginner, an expert, a student, or a hobbyist developer.

The morning keynote session will give you a demo and code-focused overview of the new developer technology emerging from Redmond. It’s the best of Microsoft Build for Microsoft 365 developers. We’ll cover Windows, Graph, Office, AI, and more so that you are up-to-date and able to make informed decisions when choosing from the latest technology for your next project.

This is a 100 percent developer-focused event.

The tour is an opportunity to connect directly with leads and engineers from Redmond, as well as regional industry leaders and the community of Microsoft MVPs and RDs. We’re excited to meet you in person! #InsiderDevTour



Titan Center

Titan Center, 3rd Floor

Jln. Boulevard Bintaro, Block B7/B1 No.5Bintaro Jaya, Sektor 7.

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Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi

Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi

Alexandre Chohfi is a software development engineer focused on Microsoft's UWP, currently working at Microsoft on the PAX team in Windows. He used to work with game development, and he is also a former Microsoft MVP in Windows Platform Development, and has done more than 100 speeches all over Brazil, on small and big events, such as TechEd Brasil, Campus Party, The Developers Conference São Paulo, QCon Rio and QCon São Paulo. While working at Microsoft, he also presented internationally in India, for the Insider Dev Tour.

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Dona Sarkar

Dona Sarkar

Head of the Insider Program at Microsoft. She believes the 7.6 billion people we share this earth with can and SHOULD develop technical skills to help achieve whatever goals they have--tech is the ultimate equalizer. 


Dona spends her days engineering software with a global community of 16M people as the Chief #NinjaCat of the Insider Program at Microsoft.

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Jeremiah Marble

Jeremiah Marble

Coming soon.


Justin Liu

Justin Liu

Justin Liu is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. As the lead of design at PAX, his passion lies in aligning pixels, adjusting animations, and writing code.

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Muhammad Ibnu Fadhil

Muhammad Ibnu Fadhil

M Ibnu Fadhil is an entrepreneur with strong technical background and rich social network experience.


He started studying at Bina Nusantara University in 2003, He started working as application developer in Plasmedia, then continue to establish his own start-up, Gravicode at 2010 till now. He and his colleagues founded a tech community called Buitenzorg Makers Club in 2016 and became the initiator during the same year. This community grows fast and has  created a lot of seminars, workshops, community projects within 3 years.


Currently he is working on a few enterprise projects for local companies, government and foreign companies. He is passionate about Application Development, IoT, Machine Learning, and always curious about the new trends in tech. Currently he is working at Gravicode as CEO, he has extensive experience in enterprise application development, deep understanding of .NET development and now expanding his business in IoT and ML area.


He has published a book: .NET Microframework untuk pemula.

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Pete Brown

Pete Brown

Pete Brown is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, and author of several software development books. As a remote member of the PAX team in Windows (Pete lives in Maryland), Pete works on apps and tech for musicians, and among other things, is the primary PM for the Insider Dev Tour. Oh, and Pete loves his C64 :D

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Shaw Chyn Chia

Shaw Chyn Chia

Shaw Chyn (aka Snake Chia) is Microsoft MVP since year 2015.

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Walter Wong

Walter Wong

Coming soon. 



8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (1 Hour)

Registration check-in

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (1 Hour)

The best from Microsoft Build, condensed into a demo-filled and fun hour for developers.

Speaker: Pete Brown, Microsoft

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (30 Minutes)
Morning Break

10:30 AM - 10:55 AM (25 Minutes)
Introduction to Microsoft Graph Services

Microsoft Graph provides a unified programmability model that you can use to build apps for organizations and consumers that interact with the data of millions of users. You can use the Microsoft Graph REST APIs to access data in Azure Active Directory, Office 365 services, Enterprise Mobility and Security services, Windows 10 services, Dynamics 365, and more. We will spend the next 30 minutes exploring what you can do with the Microsoft Graph.

 Speaker: Justin Liu, Microsoft

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM (25 Minutes)

Myth busting PWAs: The New Edge Edition

We’ve heard a lot about Progressive Web Apps and what they can or can’t do. This session will walk through the top 10 myths around Progressive Web Apps and at the same time learn how to make great, productive experiences with the latest and greatest tools, the New Edge, and Microsoft Graph.

 Speaker: Walter Wong

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM (25 Minutes)
Leverage the Power of Machine Learning on Windows

Launched a year ago, the Windows AI Platform revolutionized how Windows developers deploy and execute machine learning models, by introducing the Windows Machine Learning API. Customers are doing amazing things with it, and we are building on this momentum in 2019. We're improving Windows ML based on your feedback, launching DirectML for performance-critical machine learning solutions, and adding support for new AI-focused silicon. Come learn how you can leverage the power of Machine Learning and AI for your own applications whether you are looking to add a little intelligence to your processes, or leverage existing speech and other input recognition models.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (1 Hour)

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (30 Minutes)
After-lunch game and prizes

1:30 PM - 1:55 PM (25 Minutes)

Developing with the new Edge Browser

Big changes are coming for Edge with its move to a Chromium-based browser engine. The New Edge will not only be available for all desktop users (including Windows 7 and macOS), but will also bring changes in the way we write apps for Windows. From Web Views, to Electron, to PWAs, the new Edge browser is something all devs should care about.


Speaker: Shaw Chyn Chia

2:00 PM - 2:25 PM (25 Minutes)

What's new for the Command Line and Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows 10 supports multiple command-line interfaces including WSL, CMD, and PowerShell, all of which build upon the Windows console. The Windows console has been updated throughout the years, but it’s time for a Big Change to help us all be more productive at the command line with a fresh and more capable command-line interface. Web and C++ cross-platform developers have also discovered how the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) enables them to use their Linux tools and workflows on Windows, giving them the best of both worlds. In this architecture and roadmap session, join us to learn about the new open source Windows Terminal, WSL 1, WSL 2, and how they together enable developers to be happier and more productive in the natural home of developers: at the command-line.

Speaker: Pete Brown, Microsoft

2:30 PM - 2:55 PM (25 Minutes)

Future-proof your Desktop Apps with .NET Core

Having a WPF or WinForms application doesn’t mean you have old code. It’s active code that represents an important investment for your company. Moving your app to the next version of .NET Core will give you access to all the benefits of the Open Source version of .NET, including better performance, easier deployment and all its new features. In this session we will show how to create a new .NET Core app, why would you do it, and how to upgrade an existing project.


Speaker: Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (30 Minutes)

Afternoon Break

3:30 PM - 3:55 PM (25 Minutes)

Create Powerful User Interfaces with the Latest Windows APIs and Open Source Libraries

Want to learn how to build more engaging Windows UWP applications? This session will cover new Windows platform features, like the new Composition APIs for 3D content, the new open source WinUI library, and the new additions to the Windows Community Toolkit, like Lottie animations.


Speaker: Justin Liu, Microsoft

4:00 PM - 4:25 PM (25 Minutes)

Leverage the Power of Machine Learning on Windows

AI is the key to open so many possibilities in terms of delivering 'new values' to our customers. Microsoft has enabled us (developers) to embrace all of the cutting-edge technologies with tremendous productivity.

As a Windows developer, we want to leverage the power of AI to improve our solutions. But, the question is where to begin and how to start? In this session you will learn how to infuse Machine Learning (ML) in your application, and then learn how to use ML in an IoT solution.

The good news for .NET developers, now you can use your existing .NET skills to use different types of ML models with the help of ONNX and create your own ML model automatically using AutoML feature in ML NET. Quick and brilliant, coding like a boss ;D
Speaker: Muhammad Ibnu Fadhil

4:30 PM - 4:55 PM (25 Minutes)

Coding your Future with the Windows Insider Program

Have you always dreamed of a career in tech but worried you wouldn't be able to pick up coding? Are you afraid to take your code to the next level? No matter where you're starting, the Windows Insider Program can help. Whether you're an expert, student, IT pro, or beginner, we have a developer learning path for you. Start learning the tools, building your first app, or turning your code into a business with our community of Insiders.

Speaker: Jeremiah Marble and Dona Sarkar, Microsoft



Want to attend the Insider Dev Tour, but not sure how to bring it up to your boss? Here’s a sample letter that will help you out. Just replace the text in [brackets]

Dear [my boss’s name],

I’d like to attend the Microsoft Insider Dev Tour on [date] in [city]. The Insider Dev Tour is Microsoft's free, single-day, local, developer-focused event, bringing the latest technology and practical knowledge from the people who build the products. The content for the event, alone, is worth the trip, but the ability to network with Microsoft employees, community leaders, and subject matter experts will help me in my work here.

Here are two ways in which my attendance at the Insider Dev Tour will strengthen [company name]: 

  • The presentations are relevant to my daily tasks and growth. I will get a view of the broad developer roadmap at Microsoft, and also deep dives into current practical and future-looking technologies for building Microsoft 365 applications using Windows desktop, Web, and Graph.

  • Networking with other attendees, community leaders, and Microsoft engineers is highly encouraged, so I can talk with people who have solved issues similar to those we run into.

The event is free, so all I need is a single day to attend. You can learn more about the event by visiting . Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns; I’d really like to attend this event!


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