Rethink productivity. Reinvent focus.

Developers like you seek to build ground-breaking and device-agnostic experiences for your end users. With Microsoft 365, we're evolving Office, Windows, and Microsoft Graph to empower you in your mission.




To craft unique Windows experiences you need world-class tools. We're building this just for you, giving you flexibility to expand those experiences to Android and iOS devices. You can create experiences to help your users stay focused on their workflows, helping our shared users be more productive and engaged.

Capabilities for enterprise developers


The latest release of Windows 10 offers enterprise developers fresh capabilities to reinvent business productivity, leveraging unique Microsoft experiences, 3rd party, and line-of-business applications.


Blend web & native

Blend web & native

  • Customize for the new Sets experience & encourage your users to return to your application.
  • Use web notifications to blend web and native application experiences.
  • Leverage Fluent Design System and XAML control technology to bring lnk, Canvas, Maps, and more into your existing Windows Form or WPF application.
Better distribution with Windows 10

Better distribution with Windows 10

  • Build with the latest .NET Core 3.0 framework to decouple the .NET framework updates from Windows platform updates.
  • Leverage MSIX, our complete application containerization solution, to package and distribute your application.
Build smarter applications

Build smarter applications

  • Easily build intelligence into your applications with the new Windows Machine Learning APIs.
  • Make the most of local compute resources, including any hardware acceleration.


Learn more about our capabilities for enterprise developers.

Integrate with Office 365

Build tighter integrations between your line-of-business applications and Office. Give your users better time efficiency and simplified workflows.

  • Create company-specific "Cloud functions" for Excel, and auto-deploy them to your entire organization.
  • Use Adaptive Cards to highlight relevant, rich information for your users.
  • Get tasks done, including payments, with new capabilities from Outlook.
  • Create “Tailored hubs” within Microsoft Teams to customize the collaboration experience of teams inside your organization.




Enable cross-device functionality

Build multi-device experiences to keep your end users productive & efficient: Microsoft Graph is the backbone that enables your developers to blend your line-of-business applications with Microsoft Windows and Office applications.

In addition, Microsoft Graph enables you to build experiences that span Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

  • Embed office data like meetings and conversations in your own app.
  • Write your user's activity to Microsoft Graph, so they can pick up where they left off on any device.