Application compatibility

Ensure your desktop applications are compatible now and stay compatible with Windows 10 in the future.

Windows compatibility cookbook

Have applications written for previous versions of Windows? Learn about application compatibility in Windows 10.


Options for servicing updates and upgrades

Keep your devices current with the latest feature upgrades in Windows and take advantage of new servicing options.


Windows Application Certification Kit

Use the Windows Application Certification Kit to test install and uninstall of your Win32 app, identify use of undocumented APIs plus get tips on other performance-related best-practices.


Get assistance with application migration

The Desktop App Assure program provides advisory and remediation services at no charge to support you as you migrate your applications to Windows 10.

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List your solution to be part of the Ready For Windows Directory

Windows 10 is the most compatible version of Windows ever, so it’s likely that your software solution is ready now. Showcase your software in the Ready for Windows directory and let your customers know your software is ready for Windows 10. To qualify, declare your support for Windows 10 in the Ready for Windows Directory.


Support your applications in the Windows service model

Windows as a service (WaaS) enables significantly shorter product cycles while maintaining high quality levels is an innovative community-centric approach to testing that Microsoft has implemented for Windows 10.


Package applications using MSIX

MSIX is the new Windows app package format that provides a modern packaging experience to all Windows apps. The open-source MSIX format preserves the functionality of existing packages, while enabling modern deployment features.


Windows Insider

Become a Windows Insider to build great applications on the latest preview builds of the Windows SDK.


Succeed with app compat for Windows as a service

Join Chris Jackson ("The App Compat Guy") for a detailed discussion of how to reinvent your processes and your applications to better position yourself for success with Windows as a service - both the core OS and optional features you need to enable.