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Discover how Windows is the best platform for developers, no matter the platform you are targeting.

Streamline your developer experience with Dev Home

Dev Home is here to improve your developer experience: unattended dev machine configuration, create and optimize a Dev Drive, easily connect to GitHub and ADO, and customize your dashboard to monitor and manage workflows and tasks all in one place – and it is open source! Dev Home lets you focus on what you do best, writing code.

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  • Environments

    Centralize your interactions with virtual environments in a single place. Configure your environments directly in Dev Home, including Hyper-V VMs, Microsoft Dev Boxes, and more on the way. Launch, snapshot, start, stop, or pin environments to Windows Start menu or taskbar. It's the one place where you can interact with all of your developer environments.

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  • Windows customization

    Dev Home provides more control for configuring your Windows environment to suit your development needs. Change advanced Windows settings, like how File Explorer handles hidden files or file extensions.

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  • Dev Drive insights

    Find information and suggestions to optimize the use of Dev Drive volumes specific to an individual machine and workstream. Check out your Dev Drive information at a glance and move package caches to improve your machine's performance.

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  • New utilities

    A subset of PowerToys utilities like Hosts File Editor, Environment Variables Editor and Registry Preview can now be accessed, right from the new utilities section in Dev Home.

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Developer tools to boost productivity

Windows prioritizes developers with tools to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently. Power-up your command-line workflow by customizing your Windows Terminal, run Linux workloads with WSL, and use Microsoft PowerToys to fine-tune your productivity.

Overview of all developer tools

  • Sudo

    Sudo for Windows is a new way for users to run elevated commands directly from an unelevated console session.

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  • Dev Drive

    Dev Drive, built on ReFS technology, is a separate volume on your PC that will improve performance for key developer workloads and disk-bound operations such as cloning, building, copying files and package restore.

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  • WinGet Configurations

    Consolidate manual machine setup and project onboarding to a single command that is reliable, repeatable and integrated with Dev Home.

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3D product rendering of Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal

Use your favorite command line tools—including PowerShell, Azure CLI, Ubuntu, and a secure SSH connection—from the fully customizable Windows Terminal.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Run Windows and Linux workloads simultaneously. Share files between environments, run Linux GUI apps, set up GPU acceleration or Docker containers and more.

Image of terminal windows representing WSL
Image with a bunch of icons of PowerToys apps


Tune and streamline your Windows experience for greater productivity with this powerful set of utilities.


Find, install, configure, upgrade, and remove Windows applications directly from the command line or submit your own packages with the Windows Package Manager.

A terminal window with winget open