Windows hardware compatibility

Similar to the Windows 8.1 Hardware Certification Program, the new Windows Hardware Compatibility Program lets you show customers that your hardware is reliably compatible with Windows 10. The Hardware Compatibility Program contains familiar tools and processes that determine whether your hardware meets Windows 10 quality standards.

For Windows 10, we’ve created a new service for IHVs who just need to get a driver signed for production. The new attested driver signing process lets you receive signed drivers without providing logs.

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Step 1: Prep

Review the hardware requirements
Register with the hardware dashboard

Before you start testing for Windows compatibility, you should register with the hardware dashboard. Later, you’ll use the dashboard to submit your hardware for the Hardware Compatibility Program.

Here's how to get registered:

Step 2: Install the HLK and run tests

Get ready to test your Windows hardware by installing the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) and configuring your test environment. The tests that are included in the Windows HLK help you validate compatibility with Windows 10 and get your hardware listed on the certified product list. The HLK Getting Started Guide provides instructions on how to build a test environment, automate driver and system testing, and create the submission package required to participate in the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program.

Step 3: Get listed on the certified product list

After testing your hardware and packaging the results with the HLK, you can submit the results to the hardware dashboard to qualify for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program. After you submit your test results, you can monitor and manage your submission in the dashboard.

Step 4: Manage device metadata, update drivers, and more

By certifying your hardware device, system, and drivers for Windows, you gain the support of Microsoft marketing resources in the form of compatibility and reliability listings, logo artwork, promotional partnerships, and access to Windows Update for distributing updates to drivers. The dashboard also provides additional services, including:

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