Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard

The new Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard is replacing Sysdev for most hardware tasks. Find out what to expect during the transition period.

Sign in to the new Hardware Dev Center dashboard

Check out the improvements that allow you to efficiently create and manage submissions:

  • Create HCK and HLK device certification submissions.
  • Create HCK, HLK, and attested signing submissions.
  • Publish to Windows Update and create shipping labels with promotions.
  • Share your driver with another company (Resell).
  • Customize your driver after initial certification.
  • Manage your users and legal agreements.

You can sign in to the new dashboard with an existing active Sysdev account. If you don’t have an account, create one.

Sign in to Sysdev

Continue to use Sysdev for the following:

  • WLK device certification submissions
  • System submissions
  • Device metadata
  • Bug management
  • Remote debugging
  • Win32 app certification submissions
  • Certified Products List
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