WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop Keynote

In this video from WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop, keynote speaker Robert di Benedetto talks about the modern workplace and gaming, which are two of Microsoft's five solution areas for the digital transformation. See more videos from the event below.

WinHEC Events

The Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) is where technical experts from around the world, and Microsoft, come together to make Windows great for customers. WinHEC provides events and online content designed to help educate, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and give people a venue to share best practices and discuss future opportunities.

WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop (Taipei/Shenzhen)

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The WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop featured sessions and labs for developers, product managers and planners to help prepare for Universal Driver development, and to showcase the benefits of adopting key hardware features. The two-day event featured the following sessions:

WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop Keynote

In this session, we will focus on the modern workplace and gaming, which are two of Microsoft's five solution areas for the digital transformation.

Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Workstation

Learn more about Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations in this video.

Accessibility in Windows 10

This session demonstrates the accessibility features in Windows 10, including features recently introduced in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

PC Turnkey Solutions

Leverage Intel and Microsoft's partnership on form factor reference designs to accelerate Go To Market efforts in shipping Modern PCs with Windows Hero Features.

Windows 10 Driver Servicing and DCHU Update

Learn the latest on on Driver Servicing, changes to HW Dev Center to support DCHU, and provide an update on the transition to Universal Drivers.

Power Optimizations

Learn more about the Windows features, assessments, tools, and analysis techniques that enable you to develop and ship Windows devices that deliver all day battery life.

Modern Standby Overview

This session provides an update on Modern Standby in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as well as highlighting investments we are making in collaboration with the ecosystem.


This session provides introductory demonstrations of the performance tools and test kits used to optimize performance on Windows devices.

Windows Hello

Learn about the new investments we are making in Windows Hello and what you can do to deliver this convenient and secure solution to your customers.

Pen and Precision Touchpad

Learn how Windows Ink, Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) and Precision Touchpad (PTP) can be used to deliver experiences across your device portfolios.

NIC Offloads and Optimizations

Learn more about the current set of offloads and optimizations that exist in Windows Server 2016 and the newly released Windows Server 1709.

NetAdapter: The next Generation of NDIS

Learn more about the key characteristics of the new model and sample codes available for review.

WinHEC Online

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Enabling our hardware ecosystem partners to design, build, manufacture, and test Windows devices and peripherals is critical to our success. We have created WinHEC Online to share information and help our hardware partners deliver Windows devices, peripherals, and drivers with the latest Windows updates. In this first edition of WinHEC Online, we’ve created the following series of videos:

Welcome to WinHEC Online

This video gives an overview WinHEC Online and new features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Hardware Kits updates

Learn more about hardware dev kit updates for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Version Binding UWP Applications and Driver Packages

Learn how Custom Capabilities enable secure hardware access from UWP applications and how ISVs can easily enable this functionality.

Understanding Extension INFs and Component INFs

This video will give an overview of primary scenarios and best practices for Extension INFs and Component INFs, which are tools used for installing drivers and driver customizations.

The Benefit of Driver Promotion

In this overview, we cover driver promotion and its benefits, as well as how to gain access to this offering.

Connection Exerciser

The Connection Exerciser is a four-to-one switch to help test with USB Type-C interoperability scenarios. In this video, we show how to set it up.

Power Delivery Testing with the USB Type-C SuperMUTT

Learn more about the Type-C SuperMUTT tool, which includes support for testing Power Delivery (PD), alternate mode, and has the ability of emulating different types of chargers for testing.

Game Mode

This session explains what Game Mode is, how it works, and how it integrates with other gaming features that are built directly into Windows 10.

Headsets for Windows PCs

In this video, Cortana qualified headphone are featured as a hero PC peripheral and gaming accessory.

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