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    WinHEC + Microsoft Ignite The Tour

    When the industry leading device builder conference (WinHEC) joins the industry leading conference for software development, security, architecture and IT (Microsoft Ignite The Tour), your knowledge grows exponentially!

Dedicated learning paths for hardware developers

Microsoft Ignite The Tour brings the very best of Microsoft Ignite to a city near you. The tour provides technical training led by Microsoft experts and your community. You’ll learn new ways to build solutions, migrate and manage infrastructure, and connect with local industry leaders and peers. The Shenzhen and Taipei stops include learning tracks for device builders focused on Windows and IoT / Intelligent Edge. You can gain all of the knowledge you expect from WinHEC plus a view of the wider development space.


WinHEC 2018 illustration

Windows learning track

Learn more about Windows support for the latest technologies and methods to improve servicing, issue diagnosis, and more.

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IoT and Intelligent Edge learning track

Learn more about integrating Microsoft's comprehensive IoT, Edge, and Intelligent Edge solutions into your project.

WinHEC 2018


WinHEC 2018 had a comprehensive set of topics on Building the Intelligent Edge from Server to Sensor. These topics included Azure IoT Edge, Azure Sphere, Windows Server 2019, Windows IoT, and hardware related features in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Thank you for visiting our recap of the WinHEC 2018. For more information, please contact us.

Taipei Keynote

Hear the Microsoft story for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) and its connection to hardware.

Shenzhen Keynote

Hear the Microsoft story for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) and its connection to hardware.

Windows Server 2019: What’s new and what's next

This session details what makes Windows Server 2019 an exciting platform for IT Pros and Devs looking into modernizing their infrastructure and applications.

Building and Leveraging the next generation of Connected Devices

This session will discuss Windows 10 modern connectivity support in-depth, introduce several scenarios that leverage always-on, always connected, and instant-on capabilities, and explain what to expect for compliance and certification for these cellular enabled devices.

Windows Input: Pen, Ink, and PTP

In this session we’ll showcase the newest features introduced in Windows to give users delightful pen and input experiences and discuss what hardware manufacturers need to be aware of to optimize the input experience on their devices.

Windows 10 in S mode

Windows 10 in S mode gives high performance and high security environment for end-to-end digital life and work. Come to learn how it works for our customer and how you can develop high quality device and solution.

Azure IoT and Intelligent Edge Devices

This session will go into the details of what Azure IoT Edge offers as a service. Learn how to create powerful Intelligent Edge solutions on Windows. We'll show how you can use the Windows Platforms to run Azure IoT Edge seamlessly, give you a holistic view of device offerings based on your edge scenarios.

Explore Opportunities for Your IoT Devices with Azure IoT Solutions

The Azure IoT product group talks about existing program requirements for IoT devices including IoT Edge devices. The team also introduces a new test kit that can significantly reduce OEM’s engineering efforts to validate the IoT devices to meet the certification criteria.

Windows 10 on ARM for Driver Developers

Learn about the Windows 10 on ARM devices, how the magic of x86 emulation works, build drivers for ARM64 and finally how to submit and build apps for Windows 10 on ARM. We will be showing how to build ARM64 drivers and apps for desktop and UWP.

Secure and Power the Intelligent Edge with Azure Sphere

In this session we’ll explore what the Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices are and discuss how Azure Sphere incorporates all of them in to our holistic security solution that that starts in the silicon and builds through to the OS and the cloud.

Power and Performance

Learn more about the Windows features, assessments, tools, and analysis techniques that enable you to develop and ship Windows devices that deliver all day battery life.

Windows 10 Device Security and Services

An update on the security features and capabilities that can be enabled on a device to deliver on the security promise of Windows 10.

Modern Commercial Deployment with Autopilot

Autopilot is a cloud-based way to deploy Windows, bringing together the best of M365 technologies in order to save cost and time for engineers, as well as deliver the best out-of-box-experience for the end-users.

Modern Standby

An update on new Modern Standby functionality and validation tests.

Servicing Update: Driver and Intelligent Update

Review new OS servicing features and enhancements for driver servicing on Hardware Developer Center.

Introduction to Driver Module Framework

DMF enables one to write a WDF driver in a structured, modular way to promote code reuse with other drivers.

Component Firmware Update

An overview on a firmware update protocol developed and broadly used by Surface for updating firmware both onboard and removal devices using host drivers. We plan to make the protocol spec and the host side driver public through GitHub.

The WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop featured sessions and labs for developers, product managers and planners to help prepare for Universal Driver development, and to showcase the benefits of adopting key hardware features. Thank you for visiting our recap of the WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop. For more information, please contact us.

WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop Keynote

In this session, we will focus on the modern workplace and gaming, which are two of Microsoft's five solution areas for the digital transformation.

Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Workstation

Learn more about Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations in this video.

Accessibility in Windows 10

This session demonstrates the accessibility features in Windows 10, including features recently introduced in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

PC Turnkey Solutions

Leverage Intel and Microsoft's partnership on form factor reference designs to accelerate Go To Market efforts in shipping Modern PCs with Windows Hero Features.

Windows 10 Driver Servicing and DCHU Update

Learn the latest on on Driver Servicing, changes to HW Dev Center to support DCHU, and provide an update on the transition to Universal Drivers.

Power Optimizations

Learn more about the Windows features, assessments, tools, and analysis techniques that enable you to develop and ship Windows devices that deliver all day battery life.

Modern Standby Overview

This session provides an update on Modern Standby in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as well as highlighting investments we are making in collaboration with the ecosystem.


This session provides introductory demonstrations of the performance tools and test kits used to optimize performance on Windows devices.

Windows Hello

Learn about the new investments we are making in Windows Hello and what you can do to deliver this convenient and secure solution to your customers.

Pen and Precision Touchpad

Learn how Windows Ink, Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) and Precision Touchpad (PTP) can be used to deliver experiences across your device portfolios.

NIC Offloads and Optimizations

Learn more about the current set of offloads and optimizations that exist in Windows Server 2016 and the newly released Windows Server 1709.

NetAdapter: The next Generation of NDIS

Learn more about the key characteristics of the new model and sample codes available for review.