IPD finger-alignment screen at second step
IPD finger-alignment screen at second step

The calibration process occurs during setup, when a user first interacts with their HoloLens. It allows the device to adjust hologram display according to the user's interpupillary distance (IPD). Users are asked to align their finger with a series of six targets per eye. Through this process, the HoloLens sets the correct IPD for the user. If the calibration needs to be updated or adjusted for a new user, it can be run outside of setup.

With an incorrect IPD, holograms may appear unstable or at an incorrect distance.


After Cortana introduces herself, the first setup step is calibration. It's recommended that you complete the calibration step during this Setup phase, but it can be skipped by waiting until Cortana prompts you to say "Skip" to move on.

Calibration App

Calibration can be performed any time through the calibration app. The calibration app is installed by default and may be accessed from the application list panel, or through the Settings app. Calibration is recommended if you'd like to improve the quality of the holograms, or whenever a new person is using the device.

Launch through the Application List Panel

Accessing the calibration app from the shell

The calibration app displayed as a Live Cube after being launched

Launch through the Settings App
Go to System → Utilities

Launching the calibration app from the settings app