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Getting Started

Get recommendations on first and next steps of holographic development.


We're so happy you found us and are ready to start your holographic journey. All of the content you'll find on this site was made by our engineering team, therefore, it's going to *feel* like it was written by software engineers (remember, we build holograms, not web-pages!)

We've gotten a lot of great feedback coming - please keep it coming. You'll notice that we update the site quite often and are incorporating your changes.

To start, we highly recommend stepping through a tutorial, taking a look at our documentation, using and contributing to an open source project to accelerate your development, and then visiting our forums to see what others are up to. You can also drop us a line on Twitter @HoloLens.

— The HoloLens Team

Unboxing your device

You'll find some useful things in the box: the case and the HoloLens device of course, but also a clicker, a spare nose-piece, a head-strap if you want to use it, a charger and the QuickStart guide. Feel free to selfie this awesome moment and tag us on Twitter.

Getting familiar with HoloLens

Okay, now that you have unpacked your goods, here are some things to do to get familiar with your new device.

Try some app experiences

It's time to play with the apps that you can find in the Store. Some things to try out:

  • Fragments!
  • Make sure you visit Rome in HoloTour
  • Map your room and check out where the robot arm breaks through your wall in RoboRaid!
Start developing

Start developing

Now, the moment you've been waiting for, it's time to start developing!

Get the Development Edition

Microsoft HoloLens devices will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016. Help develop the future of holographic computing.