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Windows for IoT is a member of the Windows product family that bring enterprise-class power, security and manageability to the Internet of Things.

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  • Windows IoT Enterprise

    With the power of Windows, Windows IoT Enterprise brings all the benefits – and development familiarity – of the worldwide Windows ecosystem to IoT.

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  • Windows Server IoT 2022

    As IoT solutions become more complex, they require more computing power, storage and connectivity. Windows Server IoT 2022 can easily handle large workloads locally or in the cloud.

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  • Windows 10 IoT Core Services

    A new cloud services subscription that provides the essential services and provides long term service support for secured smart devices running Windows 10 IoT Core.

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Benefits of Developing on the Windows for IoT Platform

Learn more about why developers choose Windows for IoT as their OS and integrate with Azure Services for a comprehensive IoT solution

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    Windows IoT Enterprise comes with the same capabilities as Windows Enterprise​, which includes advanced device encryption​, and virtualization-based security features. Also, Microsoft has a team of top security experts monitoring the platform 24/7, 365 days a year.​​

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  • Windows Ecosystem

    When you develop with Windows, you join our world-wide partner ecosystem across hardware and software solutions, integrations, and services. Experience our continually evolving feature set, and developer friendly tools, for a smooth device-building experience.​​

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  • Built to Last

    Windows for IoT provides 10-Year OS Lifecycle Support that is guaranteed with no hidden costs​ through our Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). Windows for IoT operating systems support backwards compatibility in line with Microsoft’s application compatibility promise.

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  • Azure Cloud Connectivity

    With Windows for IoT you can use Azure services as building blocks to construct customized IoT solutions. Azure provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of cloud services and capabilities according to your needs and with the requirements from your industry.

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  • Out-of-box Solution

    Windows for IoT provides customers with the best in-box value. Windows for IoT has advanced built-in device and user experience lockdown capabilities for OEM branding and customization, and a turnkey kiosk mode experience with the new Microsoft Edge browser.

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  • Enhanced User Experience

    Windows for IoT devices can take advantage of the built-in accessibility, natural user interface and best-in-class graphics support (same as what’s used for Xbox & PCs) to enable a great end-user experience​ for solutions such as digital signs, kiosks and POS systems.

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  • Device Management

    Windows for IoT is compatible with any existing device management solution. Through device management features, you have complete control to customize and create an advanced user experience with built-in lockdown capabilities, and branding features.

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  • Silicon Support

    Windows for IoT has an expanded portfolio of silicon offerings (x64 & ARM64) and support from various partners such as Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, for lower cost, longer lifecycle and increased security for devices and support customers across all industry verticals.

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  • Cloud-Native Linux Compatibility

    With Windows for IoT, you can build a solution to have end-to-end Azure integration by running native Azure IoT Edge modules in a Linux container side-by-side with Win32 and UWP apps enabling a full interop between apps and cloud workloads.

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  • Built-in Machine Learning

    Windows ML enables devices to evaluate cloud trained ML models at the edge with hardware acceleration. The option to evaluate ML models locally on lets you address a broader range of scenarios and removes concerns of connectivity, bandwidth and data privacy.​

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  • Computer Vision

    The advanced Windows camera stack coupled with Azure Video Analyzer service gives you access to advanced algorithms that process images and return information based on the visual features you are interested in such as object detection or description.

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  • Cognitive Services

    Learn how to use the Windows for IoT platform to support cognitive services features to build intelligent devices and interpret your user needs. Windows for IoT includes in-box feature support for speech processing, computer vision, and facial analysis.

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Build Better, Together

  • Dover

    “Our new smart fuel dispensing user experience platform presents the customer with relevant and customized information, videos, news, and music, making that experience fast, simple, relevant, friendly, and fun. The platform is able to personalize that interaction—like a retailer’s handshake with their customer, which they haven’t had before.” - Scott Negley, Director of Dispenser Products at Dover Fueling Solutions

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  • Monarc

    “We needed a development platform and operating system that would automate all the tasks we wouldn’t have time to build ourselves. Plus we wanted a mature, reliable platform with a broad set of tools with which we could be productive immediately. On the other hand, we wanted the greatest flexibility to mix and match technologies and adopt new ones as they became available. With Windows for IoT, we came to market up to a year sooner [than expected].” - Bhargav V. Maganti, Cofounder, and Igor Karlicic, Cofounder

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