Network 3D Printer with Windows 10 IoT Core

Turn your Windows 10 IoT Core device into a print server and connect your 3D Printer to it. You will be able to access your printer wirelessly from other devices.

1. Install Windows 10 IoT Core on your device

Before you start, you will need:

  • A board with the latest version of Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview installed. Follow the Get Started guide to get the IoT Dashboard app and install Windows 10 IoT Core.
  • A 3D Printer compatible with our Network 3D Printer app:

    • Lulzbot Taz 6
    • Makergear M2
    • Printrbot Play, Plus and Simple
    • Prusa i3 Mk2
    • Ultimaker Original and Original+
    • Ultimaker 2 and 2+
    • Ultimaker 2 Extended and Extended+
    • CraftBot 2
    • CraftBot PLUS
    • LulzBot Mini
    • Velleman K8200

2. Connect your 3D Printer to your device

  • Plug-in your 3D printer to your Windows 10 IoT Core board using the USB cable.

    Connect your 3D Printer to the device

  • Open the IoT Dashboard app and verify that your device shows up in the My devices tab.

    Verify that your device shows up in IoT Dashboard

3. Deploy the Network 3D Printer app

  • In IoT Dashboard, click on the Try some samples section.
  • Select the Network 3D Printer sample app.

    Install 3D Network Printer

  • Select your 3D Printer model and press the Deploy and run button to deploy the app to your IoT Core device.

    Install 3D Network Printer

    LulzBot TAZ 6 image by Aleph Objects, Inc. is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

4. Add your 3D Printer

  • Go to your Windows 10 PC and go to Settings -> Devices -> Printers & Scanners.
  • Press Add a printer or scanner.

    Windows Settings Add Device

  • Select your 3D Printer and press Add device. The printer will install automatically.

    Windows Settings Add Device

Congratulations your printer is now installed and will behave exactly as if it was connected with a USB cable. You can now print to it using 3D Builder!

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