Instructions for:
Raspberry Pi 3
+SD card
+Stable version

1 Get the tools

2 Set up your device

3 Set up Visual Studio

4 Write your first app

Step 1 of 4: Get the tools

Download the tools and software you need to set up your board, build and explore Windows IoT.

1Get Windows 10Hide

Make sure you are running the public release of Windows 10 (build 14393 or better).
You can find your current build number by clicking the start button, typing "winver", and hitting the Enter key.

To upgrade, visit the Download Windows 10 page.

2Download and install Windows 10 IoT Core DashboardHide

By downloading and using the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard you agree to the license terms and privacy statement for Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Note: If you are planning to ship your device for commercial use, please ship with a custom FFU. To learn more, visit the documentation for the IoT Core Manufacturing Guide

dashboard for windows 10 iot core

Step 1 of 4: Get the tools is complete. Set up your device is next.

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