Windows 10 IoT Core BSPs

Board Support Packages (BSP) is a collection of drivers/settings required to run IoT Core on a hardware platform. These are provided by the hardware vendors/silicon vendors. Below you can find information on where you can get the BSPs for the supported platforms.

Raspberry Pi BSP

Raspberry drivers are available at ms-iot/bsp.

Steps to create the drivers :

  1. Check out ms-iot/bsp project
  2. Build the bcm2386 solution (Release or Debug)
    • You can also download the prebuilt binaries from
  3. Launch IoTCoreShell, select arm

    • In ms-iot/bsp project folder, run tools\binexport.cmd Release (or) Debug C:\RPiBSP to export the binaries to C:\RPiBSP folder. If you are using prebuilt binaries, you can skip this step and unzip the binaries to C:\RPiBSP.
    • Run C:\RPiBSP\build.cmd to create the cabs in the build output folder (iot-adk-addonkit\Build\arm\pkgs)
    • Run buildpkg all to process all cab files

To build a retail image, you will need to rerun the build.cmd to sign the bsp driver binaries with cross certificates. See IoT Core Manufacturing Guide for detailed instructions.

Intel BSPs

Bay Trail

Bay Trail drivers are available at IO Drivers, Graphics drivers

Steps to create the drivers :

  1. Download the drivers
  2. Copy the cab files to the build output folder (iot-adk-addonkit\Build\x86\pkgs)
  3. Launch IoTCoreShell, select x86

    • Run buildpkg all to process all cab files

You can also recreate the cab files with the below script, the cab files will be created in the build output folder (set the DIR_ROOT value appropriately)

@echo off

set DIR_ROOT=D:\IntelBSP\BYT\333669_002_bsp_windows_10_iot_core-32_bit
set OEM_NAME=Intel
call inf2cab.cmd %DIR_ROOT%\Drivers\x86\GPIO\iaiogpio.inf BYT.GPIO
call inf2cab.cmd %DIR_ROOT%\Drivers\x86\HSUART\iaiouart.inf BYT.UART
call inf2cab.cmd %DIR_ROOT%\Drivers\x86\I2C\iaioi2c.inf BYT.I2C
call inf2cab.cmd %DIR_ROOT%\Drivers\x86\SPI\iaiospi.inf BYT.SPI

set DIR_ROOT=D:\IntelBSP\BYT\INTEL_HDGraphics_Win10IoTCore_v36.19.0_1227_PV
call inf2cab.cmd %DIR_ROOT%\emgd_gfx_36_19_0_1227\igdlh.inf GFX.Build1227

Apollo Lake

Apollo Lake drivers are available at Apollo Lake BSP


Joule drivers are available at Joule BSP.

Steps to create the drivers :

  1. Download the Intel5xx_WinIoT_*
  2. Copy the Intel5xx folder from the zip file to (iot-adk-addonkit\Source-x64\BSP\)
  3. Launch IoTCoreShell, select x64

    • Run buildpkg all to create all cab files, including the Joule BSP cab files.
    • Alternatively you can use buildbsp Intel5xx to build Joule BSP cabs only.

The files will be available in the build output folder (iot-adk-addonkit\Build\x64\pkgs)

Qualcomm BSPs

DragonBoard 410C

DragonBoard drivers are available at DragonBoard 410C Software under Windows 10 IoT Core section.


You can copy the BSP cab files to a different folder, say C:\MyBSPs\, and set BSPPKG_DIR=C:\MyBSPs\ in the IoTCoreShell to use these files. You can also modify this setting in the setenv.cmd file

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