Commercialize your prototype

Build your retail image

With the customizations you've added, you can now put them together and test them in a retail build.

1. Get a code-signing certificate.

Get a code signing certificate. Configure the cross-signing certificate to be used for retail signing. Edit the setsignature.cmd file to set SIGNTOOL_OEM_SIGN:

set SIGNTOOL_OEM_SIGN=/s my /i "Issuer" /n "Subject" /ac "CrossCertRoot" /fd SHA256
  • Issuer: Issuer of the certificate (see Certificate -> Details -> Issuer).
  • Subject: Subject in the certificate (see Certificate -> Details -> Subject).
  • crossCertRoot: Microsoft-supplied Cross Certificate Root. Learn more here.

From the IoT Core Shell, enable retail signing.

retailsign on

2. Build and create the image.

Rebuild all the packages so that they are retail signed.

buildpkg all

If the BSP drivers/packages are test-signed, you need to rebuild them to have a retail signature. You can re-sign the cabs and its contents using:

re-signcabs.cmd <srccabdir> <dstcabdir>

Build the image using:

buildimage myProduct Retail

Now that you've built your retail image, you're ready to manufacture your device.

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