Creating Remote Wiring apps using Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE is a tremendously popular tool for creating and uploading the Arduino runtime. The same INO files and Arduino IDE can be leveraged to create Remote Wiring apps for Windows 10 IoT Core!

  • Visual Studio’s tools must be installed. You can install Visual Studio from here. NOTE: be sure to include the C++ tools, they are not included by default.

To enable Windows 10 IoT Core app deployment in the Arduino IDE, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Arduino IDE (1.6.8 is the only version currently supported) here.

  2. Open Arduino IDE

  3. Select File > Preferences

  4. Add the following URL to Additional Boards Manager URLs:

  5. Select OK

  6. Select Tools > Board > Board Manager

  7. Select Windows 10 IoT Core and click the Install button

You are now ready to upload a Remote Wiring app to your Windows 10 IoT Core device as easily as uploading to an Arduino. Simply:

  1. Update the INO file as desired.

  2. Select Tools > Board > Windows 10 IoT Core

  3. Specify the processor type by selecting x86 or arm from Tools > Processor

  4. Select Tools > Programmer > Windows 10

  5. Select Sketch > Upload to deploy your app. You will be prompted to enter your device’s IP address or name during the deployment.

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