App patterns

Create app experiences that span across the spectrum of mixed reality. From immersive apps that fully encompass the user's environment, to enhanced environment apps that add a digital layer onto the physical world. Learn how the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) provides the framework for all mixed reality experiences.


Types of mixed reality apps

One of the advantages of developing apps on the HoloLens, is that there is a spectrum of experiences that the platform can support.

Updating your existing universal app for HoloLens

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is about making it easy for app experiences to work across devices. This is a quick guide to making UWP targeted apps work on HoloLens.

Room scan visualization

Apps that require spatial mapping data rely on the device to collect this data over time and across sessions as the user explores their environment.


A cursor, or indicator of your current gaze vector, provides continuous feedback for the user to understand what the HoloLens understands about their intentions.

Billboarding and tag-along

Objects with billboarding always orient themselves to face the user. A tag-along object never fully leaves the user's view.

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