Case studies

Spatial mapping scan of a room in the game Fragments

Expanding the spatial mapping capabilities of HoloLens

Look into the technology used by Conker and Fragments for building on top of the spatial mapping mesh to understand topology and locate shapes like couches and walls.
Final rendering of a galaxy stars in Galaxy Explorer

Creating a galaxy in mixed reality

Explore the work between art and engineering that led to the creation of an accurate, interactive representation of the Milky Way galaxy in Galaxy Explorer.
A man using HoloTour for Microsoft HoloLens

Spatial sound design for HoloTour

Learn how sound was captured and processed to make you feel like you're actually in each of the locations in HoloTour. 
The thought bubble interface in HoloStudio

3 HoloStudio UI and interaction design learnings

Marcus Ghaly, a Sr. Holographic Designer from the HoloStudio team, shares some things we learned about designing interactions and user interfaces in HoloLens apps.
A player dodging enemy fire in RoboRaid

Using spatial sound in RoboRaid

Audio lead Charles Sinex discusses how spatial sound is used to communicate a variety of actions to players in RoboRaid.
A view of the recreated Colosseum in HoloTour, as seen from the ground.

Creating impossible perspectives for HoloTour

Discover how our team was able to make some of the most unforgettable moments for HoloTour.

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