From interacting with buttons and sliders to moving objects and shapes in three-dimensional space, intuitive experiences can be built on a foundation of proven controls and patterns. Learn how to leverage these fundamental UI elements, including cursors, loading indicators, and text to create powerful mixed reality experiences.


Text in Unity

Text is one of the most important components in Holographic apps. To display text in Unity, there are two types of text components you can use — UI Text and 3D Text Mesh.

Object collection

Object collection is a script which helps you layout an array of objects in predefined three-dimensional shapes.

Interactable object

Anything can be an Interactable object that triggers an event. It could be represented as a coffee cup on the table or a balloon floating in the air.


A progress control provides feedback to the user that a long-running operation is underway.

App bar and bounding box

The App bar is a object-level menu containing a series of buttons that displays on the bottom edge of a hologram's bounds.

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