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Everything you need to know about setting up and using Windows Mixed Reality


Welcome to the Enthusiast's Guide to Windows Mixed Reality! We know you might be looking to dive deeper on Windows Mixed Reality and learn how to get the most of your new headset and motion controllers, so we created the EG to provide you with exclusive information and answer the top questions people have about Windows Mixed Reality before and after they buy. In this guide, you'll find an FAQ, setup instructions, how to use your headset and controllers, how the tech works, and how to troubleshoot issues with more detail than you'll find anywhere else. If you can't find something you're looking for, let us know in the forums. Enjoy!


Before you buy

FAQs before you buy

Learn more about when and where you can buy Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers.
Check Your Compatibility

Check your Windows 10 PC's Compatibility

Here are the steps you can take to check your PC's compatibility and get your PC ready for Windows Mixed Reality.
Plug In Your Headset

Plug in your headset

Plug in your new headset to USB 3.0 and HDMI (you might need adapters).
Install Windows Mixed Reality

Install Windows Mixed Reality

After successfully connecting your headset, the driver will install, and Mixed Reality Portal (MRP) will automatically launch on your desktop.
Set up Windows Mixed Reality

Set up Windows Mixed Reality

Choose an experience: Set up your controllers and your space for all experiences ("room scale") or for seated and standing experiences ("desk scale").
Learn Mixed Reality

Learn Mixed Reality

After putting on your headset, you'll be walked through some basics. You can repeat the segment whenever you'd like.
Your Windows Mixed Reality home

Your Windows Mixed Reality home

Learn all the tricks of your Windows Mixed Reality home and how the world's first spatial operating system leverages our instinctual ability to navigate space.
Games and apps

Games, 360 videos, and apps

Learn how to download and play immersive games, 360 videos, 2D apps, WebVR, and SteamVR in Windows Mixed Reality.
Troubleshooting Windows Mixed Reality


A-to-Z troubleshooting on all areas of Windows Mixed Reality, from setup and motion controllers to tracking and graphics drivers.

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