Style helps digital elements coexist within a physical environment, creating delight for users while enhancing the usability of interactions. From the legibility of type, to the placement of sounds, to the scale and lighting of objects, attention to style can both refine and enrich an experience.


Color design

HoloLens provides a new medium for rendering 3D content, where color's functional and aesthetic roles must be reconsidered--especially in relation to the user's real surroundings.

Spatial sound design

The more closely your app's sound behaves like it does in the real world, the more convincing and engaging your holograms will be.


Text is an important element for delivering information in your app experience. Just like typography on 2D screens, the goal is to be clear and readable.


Spatial sound design for HoloTour

Case study - Spatial sound design for HoloTour

To create a truly immersive 3D virtual tour for Microsoft HoloLens, the panoramic videos and holographic scenery are only part of the formula.

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