Developer readiness status

Immersive headset development

Based on your feedback and our internal testing, the following is our assessment of immersive headset developer readiness status. Please share your experience & suggestions in the forums.

Area Sub Area Status Notes
Documentation Setup immersive headset for first time ✔️
Install the development tools ✔️
Recommended development PC spec ✔️
Development overview ✔️
Getting started with a new development project ✔️
Porting guides ✔️
Holographic Academy tutorials ⚠️ Will be updated for immersive headsets post-Build. (Most concepts apply to immersive headsets, but gestures and spatial mapping are exclusive to HoloLens.)
Known Issues ✔️ If you see something else, please give us feedback.
Community Forums ✔️ Share your experience and suggestions!
HoloToolkit ✔️
HoloToolkit-Unity ✔️
Windows version Windows 10 Creators Update ✔️ For the best development experience, we recommend Windows Insider Fast, RS_PRERELEASE
Development Tools Visual Studio 2017 ✔️
Windows 10 Creators Update SDK ✔️
Unity 5.6.x ⚠️ Private Unity Mixed Reality Technical Preview (MRTP) builds available directly through Unity.
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition Setup ⚠️ We're testing a lot of hardware, OS, and software configurations, but if you see issues on your setup, please share your feedback
Drivers ⚠️
In-use Reliability ⚠️
Development experience Desktop ✔️
Laptop ⚠️ Performance improvements in progress. There are also known issues with some GPU setups.
Input Bluetooth gamepads ✔️ Xbox controller recommended
Motion controllers ⚠️ Hardware will be released soon!
Store Submit mixed reality apps to store ⚠️ Current Unity MRTP prevents submission. Fix underway.
Browse mixed reality apps in store ⚠️ The store front does not yet provide filters for mixed reality apps.

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