Developer readiness status

Immersive headset development

Based on your feedback and our internal testing, the following is our assessment of immersive headset developer readiness status. Please share your experience & suggestions in the forums.

Area Sub Area Status Notes
Documentation Setup immersive headset for first time ✔️
Install the development tools ✔️
Recommended development PC spec ✔️
Recommended consumer PC spec ✔️
Development overview ✔️
Getting started with a new development project ✔️
Porting guides ✔️ Improved IL2CPP in Unity can make some UWP ports significantly easier.
Performance Recommendations ✔️ Intel also published guidelines on this topic.
Mixed Reality Academy tutorials ✔️ Most concepts apply to immersive headsets, but gestures and spatial mapping are exclusive to HoloLens.
Known Issues ✔️ If you see something else, please give us feedback.
Community Forums ✔️ Share your experience and suggestions!
MixedRealityToolkit ✔️
MixedRealityToolkit-Unity ✔️
Windows version Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ✔️ For the best mixed reality development experience, download the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
Development Tools Visual Studio 2017 ✔️
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK ✔️
Unity 2017.2 ⚠️ The latest Unity 2017.2 supports Windows Mixed Reality. Before Unity 2017.2.1p2, Unity was releasing MRTP builds from 2017.2. We recommend against Unity 2017.3 for now.
Immersive headset hardware Setup ⚠️ We're testing a lot of hardware, OS, driver, and software configurations, but if you see issues on your setup, please share your feedback. Try the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check to see if your hardware is ready.
Drivers ✔️
In-use Reliability ⚠️
Development experience Desktop ✔️
Laptop ⚠️ See known issues with some GPU setups.
Input Bluetooth gamepads ✔️ Xbox controller recommended
Motion controllers ✔️ Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is required.
Store Submit mixed reality apps to store ✔️
Browse mixed reality apps in store ✔️ The Store front includes several Mixed Reality collections e.g. see Windows Mixed Reality Experiences.

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