I can’t see all four corners of the view frame when I set up my device or run the Calibration app. To see the top edge of the view frame, move the device to sit higher on your head, or rotate the front of the device slightly upward. To see the bottom edge, move the device to sit lower on your head, or rotate the front of the device slightly downward. If the left or right edge of the view frame isn’t visible, make sure the device visor is centered on your forehead. Try tilting your device up or down to make the frame match your natural gaze.

The device slides down when I am using it If your HoloLens still slides down on your forehead even with a sufficiently tight headband, try using the overhead strap that came with your device to hold it in place. You can also experiment with the positioning or orientation of the headband. Depending on your head size and shape, you may need to tilt it up or down to reposition it on your forehead. The device should not be sitting heavily on your nose.

How can I reduce my arm fatigue when using gestures? When using Gestures, there’s no need to extend your arm out far from your body. You can keep it closer to your side, where it’s more comfortable and less tiring. You can also try using the HoloLens Clicker to perform certain gestures.

Can I charge my HoloLens by plugging it into a computer? The HoloLens can be charged by plugging it into a computer using the included USB cable. However, the device must be powered off or in Sleep mode in order to charge when plugged into a computer. Note that HoloLens will charge more quickly if you plug it directly into a power outlet using the included charging adapter.

Can I use a fast charger with my HoloLens? The HoloLens device does not support fast charging speeds beyond the recharge time cable from the supplied USB power supply and USB cable. The USB power supply is a fairly generous 2.5A@5.2V PSU, but the device can generally not draw any more than 2A. It is recommended to use the supplied PSU and cable to get the maximum recharge speed. It may be worth noting that lower quality or longer USB cables can increase recharge times.

Can I use my HoloLens outside? The HoloLens is designed for indoor use.

The HoloLens Start Menu disappeared. How do I get it back? The HoloLens Start Menu can be brought up by performing the bloom gesture. Blooming again will hide the Start Menu.

My device display is back, or won’t turn on. What do I do? By default, in order to conserve power, the HoloLens will enter Sleep mode if it has been left idle for more than 3 minutes. You can resume the HoloLens by pressing the power button. The device's Sleep settings can be modified from the Windows Device Portal.

If it won’t turn on, it’s possible the HoloLens is out of battery. Try plugging the device into a power outlet using the included charging adapter and USB cable. Leave it charging for 15 minutes and then try powering it on again.

How can I take a photo of something I'm looking at in the HoloLens? You can say "Hey Cortana, take a picture" at any time to take a mixed reality capture photo of what you're looking at in the device. This picture will show up in the Photos app on the HoloLens. The Photos app can upload photos to your OneDrive account under Pictures\Camera Roll. Alternatively, you can use the device portal to capture photos and videos.

Can I calibrate my HoloLens for another user? You can calibrate the HoloLens at any time by launching calibration from the Start Menu. This app will take you through some of the same steps as when you first set up your HoloLens.


My holograms are unstable, jumpy, or don’t look right. Try one of these fixes:

  • Make sure there’s enough light in your environment.
  • Try walking around and gazing at your surroundings so HoloLens can scan them more completely.
  • Clean your device visor with the cloth and make sure nothing is obstructing the sensors.
  • Use the HoloLens device utility apps to make sure your device is properly adjusted. Try calibration first. If you are still having trouble use the sensor tuning app.

HoloLens doesn’t respond to my gestures. To make sure HoloLens can see your gestures, keep your hand in the gesture frame, which extends a couple of feet on either side of you. When HoloLens can see your hand, the cursor will change from a dot to a ring. Learn more about using gestures with the Learn Gestures application. If your environment is too dark, HoloLens might not see your hand, so make sure there’s enough light.

HoloLens doesn’t respond to my voice commands. If Cortana isn’t responding to your voice commands, make sure:

  • Cortana is turned on. On the All apps list, select Cortana > Menu > Notebook > Settings to make changes.
  • Cortana can get to know you. On the All apps list, select Settings > Privacy > General. Click on the "Get to know me" button if it's present. You should see a button labeled "Stop getting to know me" if Cortana is enabled.
  • Your microphone is turned on. On the All apps list, select Settings > Privacy > Microphone to make changes.

I can’t place holograms or see holograms I previously placed. If HoloLens can’t map or load your space, it will enter Limited mode and you won’t be able to place holograms or see holograms you’ve placed. Here are some things to try:

  • Make sure there’s enough light in your environment so HoloLens can see and map the space.
  • Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, HoloLens can’t identify and load a known space.
  • If you need to create a new space, connect to Wi-Fi, then restart your device.
  • To see if the correct space is active, or to manually load a space, go to Settings > System > Spaces.
  • If the correct space is loaded and you are still having problems, the space may be corrupt. To fix this, select the space, then select Remove. Once the space is removed, HoloLens will start mapping your surroundings and create a new space.

My HoloLens frequently enters Limited mode or shows a "Tracking lost" message If your device often shows a "Limited mode" or "tracking lost" message, use the sensor tuning app to make sure your device is properly adjusted.

My HoloLens can’t tell what space I’m in If your HoloLens can’t automatically identify and load the space you are in, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, there’s plenty of light in the room, and there haven’t been any major changes to the surroundings. You can also load a space manually or manage your spaces by going to Settings > System > Spaces.

I’m getting a "low disk space" error. You’ll need to free up some storage space by doing one or more of the following:

  • Delete unused spaces: Go to Settings > System > Spaces, select a space you no longer need, and then select Remove.
  • Remove some of the holograms you’ve placed.
  • Delete some pictures and videos in the Photos app.
  • Uninstall some apps from your HoloLens: In the All apps list, tap and hold the app you want to uninstall, and then select Uninstall.

My HoloLens can’t create a new space. The most likely problem is that you’re running low on storage space. Free up some space and try again.

I can't connect to my device using the Windows device portal. What's wrong? It's possible the device portal is disabled in your HoloLens settings. You can turn it on by following the instructions to enable device portal. If this does not resolve the issue, see troubleshooting.

What kind of voice commands does Cortana recognize? A: You can say "Hey Cortana, what can I say?" at any time to bring up a list of possible topics and questions you can ask Cortana. Alternatively, if you're in the Cortana app you can click the “?” icon.

I'm having a hard time focusing on the holograms. Is something wrong? A: It could be that the device is not calibrated properly for you. Each person has a different interpupillary distance (IPD), which can be set using the calibration app. This can be launched from the Start Menu and will take you through some of the same steps as when you first set up your device.


Where are my pictures, documents and such and can I connect an external drive to backup these files? A: HoloLens does not have a built in File Explorer app. You can explore and manage files on HoloLens:

  • Through the file management system provided by the application used to create the file
  • Through OneDrive or another storage app service that provides the ability to open and save files (for example: Box). If you do a factory reset, all files stored on the device will be unrecoverable.
  • Through the Windows Device Portal (developers only)

We recommend installing OneDrive immediately after completing the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) to enable saving files to the cloud and limit the risk of losing files. There is no way to backup your spaces and app content. Apps that don't have their own backup may lose their space data/levels/leaderboards. Note: HoloLens will always use the first app you've installed to handle file storage and this can't be changed. That means if you install Box and then OneDrive, all apps will use the Box file picker app.

HoloLens does not support the connection of external USB drives.

What happens if I uninstall an app? All locally stored files will be lost. Certain applications may support resyncing to files saved in the cloud when the application is reinstalled. This feature will depend on the specific application.

How do I get data/content on/off of the device? HoloLens supports cloud storage. Users are encouraged to install OneDrive to enable access to files created across devices.

How do I sync my content/data? HoloLens does not support a native solution for backing up files. Syncing will be handled by the specific applications a customer uses for cloud storage.