Build apps for Surface Hub

Drive the next big thing with Microsoft Surface Hub, a new platform for collaborative and large screen experiences designed to advance the way people work together.

State of the art pen and touch display

Leverage a responsive, immersive 84” 4K display with up to 100 points of touch and 3 concurrent inking streams. The inking is natural and fluid and will provide a fantastic experience for your application.

Wall space is your whitespace

Build for a whole new generation of device designed to be deployed in multiple locations inside a business. Multiple users can interact simultaneously and personal productivity quickly becomes group productivity.

Impact 50 million conference rooms

Organizations are modernizing their workspaces with Surface Hubs. Capture these environments with powerful, captivating apps that are designed for collaboration. From the conference room to the developer bullpen your immersive apps will shine brightly.


Create your app

Surface Hub apps are powered by the Universal Windows Platform. Tailor your app for Surface Hub exclusively, or build it for a range of device families including Mobile and Classic Desktop.

Design for more personal computing

Make your app more human by optimizing for touch interaction, leveraging speech to perform common tasks, and allowing users to draw and annotate using Surface Hub’s responsive and natural inking experience.

Design for large screens

Think about human factors, like ergonomics and accessibility, up front to give your users a great experience on Surface Hub’s large screen. Keep controls within reach and workflows within your user’s cone of awareness.

Design for the cloud

Surface Hub clears all app data, documents, and temporary files when a user session ends. Integrate OneDrive into your app so users can easily save their work to the cloud, and use cloud services to sync across devices.

Test your app

Test your app using the Visual Studio simulator, or deploy it from Visual Studio to run it on a Surface Hub.

Publish your app

Surface Hub is an enterprise product, so be sure to make your app available for offline licensing. Work with your customer to register as a LOB publisher, and then submit your app for the organization’s Microsoft Store for Business.

Deploy to a Surface Hub

Customers can browse your app on the Microsoft Store for Business and add it to their inventory. For broader distribution, customers can distribute your app via management tools.

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