The UWP Community toolkit provides several full controls that you can add easily to your UWP application.

All of the controls also include templates so you can customize the look of them beyond our default styling.

Link Description
AdaptiveGridView Overview The AdaptiveGridView control allows to present information within a Grid View perfectly adjusting the total display available space. It reacts to changes in the layout as well as the content so it can adapt to different form factors automatically.
HeaderedTextBlock Overview Defines a control for providing a header for read-only text.
HamburgerMenu Overview The HamburgerMenu is based on a SplitView control. By default it contains a HamburgerButton and a ListView to display menu items.
ImageEX Overview The ImageEx control extends the default Image platform control improving the performance and responsiveness of your Apps. Source images are downloaded asynchronously showing a load indicator while in progress. Once downloaded, the source image is stored in the App local cache to preserve resources and load time next time the image needs to be displayed.
RotatorTile Overview An items control that presents enumerable content similar to the live tiles on the start menu.
PullToRefreshListView Overview Extension of ListView that allows “Pull To Refresh” on touch devices
RadialGauge Overview A Modern UI Radial Gauge using XAML and Composition API.
RangeSelecter Overview RangeSelector is a “double slider” control for range values.
SlideableListItem Overview ContentControl providing functionality for sliding left or right to expose functions
BladeControl Overview Control that can split content in different panes, similar to Azure Portal

Getting Started

Read the getting Started with the UWP Community Toolkit for instructions on using these controls in your own projects.

Windows 10 Store App

Want to see the controls and animations in action before jumping into the code? We have published the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App to the Windows 10 store. Download the app and play with the controls live to see what they do before ever writing a line of code.

GitHub Repository

Visit the UWP Community Toolkit Github Repository to see the current source code, what is coming next, and to clone the repository. Community contributions are welcome!