Build great experiences with Windows

Windows gives you the tools and capabilities to build modern experiences that empower your customers to do more. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) lets you create a single app package that can run on a wide range of devices. And the Microsoft Store provides a unified distribution channel you'll use to safely reach customers worldwide.

More personal and productive

Windows 10 lets you build apps and games that are personalized and tailored, and that adapt to input preferences and device capabilities at run time. Customers can interact via a variety of natural user inputs like voice, touch, ink, and even gaze. And Windows 10 supports your app with services that connect your customers to the people and data that matter most to them.

With UWP, one codebase can produce a great look and feel on every Windows device: a traditional PC, a Surface with a pen, your living room’s Xbox console, or even a Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset. Your customers can take their experiences with them across all of their screens.

Safer and more protected

Windows 10 provides enterprise-class security by design, so you and your customers can focus on getting more done. Credential Locker and encryption APIs offer more peace of mind with roaming data, while Windows Hello supplies a range of intuitive biometric protections that help keep security strong without getting in the way.

The Microsoft Store provides a reliable channel to sell and distribute apps and games globally. It offers a range of flexible business models and customer payment options, with no custom installer or e-commerce site required.

The best place to build

Windows 10 optimizes your work as a developer. You can use Bash, PowerShell, and more tools that maximize your productivity regardless of the language you use or where your code will ultimately run.

Visual Studio provides a world-class IDE and developer tooling.

The Desktop Bridge and Progressive Web App model make it easy to distribute your existing experiences to new customers. And Partner Center helps you be more agile by surfacing real-time events, crash reports, and user feedback.

Where the future becomes reality

Windows services and devices continue to take tomorrow's ideas mainstream, empowering you to do more.

Microsoft HoloLens and our mixed reality headsets create immersive experiences in your apps and games to delight your customers.

And Cortana and Microsoft Cognitive Services make it easier to deliver conversational interactions that feel natural on any device type—screen or no screen, Windows or non-Windows.

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