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Unlock the huge potential of the Windows ecosystem: Universal Windows apps, gaming, hardware, and embedded systems, all connected to the cloud. The possibilities are endless. The Dev Center Benefits program provides access to great offers and rewards to help develop, improve, and market your Windows apps. The time to join in and get an app out there is now!

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A developer account lets you publish free and paid apps to the Store. It gives you data to track your growth, keeps you in the loop from the Dev Center, and gives you control over in-app advertising. If you’re publishing apps as a business, a company account gives you access to additional capabilities.

Already have a developer account? Claim your Benefits.

Our Dev Center Benefits program gives you access to great offers, plus challenges to earn points to redeem for rewards. Check out and claim offers that help you develop, improve, and market your Windows apps. You can also take on challenges, gain status, and grab some rewards as you go.

Specialized developer programs

Windows IoT

Imagine the Internet connected everywhere through devices in your home, at work, and in the car – all running Windows and communicating with the cloud.


The ID@Xbox program helps qualified game developers self-publish on Windows 10 and Xbox One. If you want to develop for Xbox One, or add the power and excitement of Xbox Live to your Windows 10 game, sign up with ID@Xbox.

Windows Hardware developers

Become a partner and find out how to build hardware that your customers trust as reliable and compatible with Windows.

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