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New Unreal GSDK Plugin simplifies Azure MPS deployment


Today we've released the Unreal GSDK Plugin for Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers! Using this new plugin, customers can more easily upload Unreal builds to MPS. This represents a great step forward for our Unreal developers, whose workflow will be simpler and faster than before. The Unreal GSDK Plugin considerably streamlines and simplifies Azure MPS deployment, reduces set-up time and also features performance optimizations for running servers. Additionally, we've updated the associated documentation to reflect the latest changes and to better capture the simplified "getting started" workflow.

This new plugin is part of our ongoing open-source collaboration with customers. This project was originally created by a customer, who then submitted it to our public repository so we could input and then share with other PlayFab customers.

This has been a collaboration project between PlayFab customers and PlayFab developers. We have been vetting, testing, and improving the customer submitted plugin to meet Microsoft release standards. For documentation, see Unreal GSDK Plugin getting started. The public release version of the plugin has a stable interface, and the code is ready to be used in production games. 

Thanks again to our partner customers who contributed to this product and helped it get to release.

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