Robots working away on developing a game on a futuristic, glassy display
Robots packing and shipping game assets to a variety of platforms coordinated by color.
A variety of boards, some promotional and others information, engage an audience of gamers
A growing number of gamers gathering around to watch and play a video game


Efficient and accessible coding done your way

Scary easy coding

Write code more efficiently

Automatically find and fill functions, methods, properties, and more with Visual Studio IntelliSense.

Powerful AI-assisted development

Boost your code confidence with AI. Available for C#, C++, Python, Java, and more, Intellicode will show you the most likely piece of code first, then finish the job with autofill.

Less reviewing, more coding

Get type and formatting recommendations, code inference, even refactoring. All through machine learning.

IDEs for your favorite game engines

VS Code and Visual Studio fully integrate into your preferred game engine, whether that’s Unity, Unreal, Cocos, or something else.

Streamline your code environment

Auto-format your code and embed it in auto-collapsible regions so you can focus on what you’re writing.

Manage cloud resources within your IDE

Use Visual Studio’s Cloud Explorer to manage your cloud resources from within the editor and easily connect them with your game code.

Content Creation

Add stunning graphics and audio to your game

Blow some minds with artwork and sound that immerse players into your world.

3D audio modeling

Model then integrate wave effects like diffraction, portaling, and reverb with the Project Acoustics engine.

Optimize 3D assets for any platform

Adapt your 3D assets to run smoothly on any platform with Simplygon. Use it as a desktop app or a fully automated pipeline.

World-class physics

Havok Physics provides elegant physics solutions and allows for real-time collision and 3D dynamics.

Have fun with the details

Create mesmerizing detail with physics and textures for clothing, hair and environments.


Drive better communication and cooperation across teams

DevOps gives your teams an edge by shortening development cycles, speeding up innovation, reducing implementation failure, and optimizing team comms.

Improved collaboration

Deliver faster using proven agile tools to plan, track, and discuss work across your teams with Azure DevOps Boards.

Faster development

Coordinate early, stay aligned, and get more done with GitHub’s project management tools and seamless code review.

Deploy at scale

Build, test, deploy, monitor and recover with Azure App Center.

Ship globally

Automatically deploy to multiple data centers around the world with Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Proactively identify issues

Take a deep dive into how your games are performing and proactively identify performance issues with Azure Monitor.

Build with your community

Segment your audience, host events, run experiments, and reward your players using PlayFab LiveOps.

Engine Support

Work with your favorite game engine

Build your own or saddle up with powerhouses like Unity, Unreal, Cocos, GameMaker, and more, integrated right into Microsoft’s tools.

Build for high-performance

Integrate your source code into your engine with the small but mighty (and free) Visual Studio Code.

Streamlined IDE

Git commands are built into Visual Studio, so you can review diffs, stage files and make commits right from your engine's editor.

Choose an engine

GitHub provides a collection of game engines and frameworks for building across multiple platforms.

Easy troubleshooting

Visual Studio Graphics gives you an easy way to capture and analyze frames locally or remotely across DirectX, Unity, Unreal and Cocos.

Cross-platform debugging

Visual Studio helps you find and fix bugs while your game is running in Unity editor, player or DLL.

Connect to the cloud

Get started by creating an Azure trial account and see how easy it is to pull game telemetry to your Unity build.

Game Design

Design, plan, and collaborate

Elevate your game to art with all the tools you need to organize, scope, storyboard, and collaborate on your game's design.

Streamline narrative design

See your narrative in high-fidelity with Visio. Build flowcharts and hierarchical models – even connect your story design to real-time data visuals.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate on your design documentation in real-time, including comprehensive review markup and formatting, references and more with Office 365.

Prototype game loop design

Prototype your game flow with PowerPoint Storyboarding and visualize how different scenes and situations interconnect, then connect them to Azure DevOps work items.

Optimize collaboration

A fully-integrated way to plan projects, assign tasks, set meetings, share files, chat, and more.

Organize your hive mind

Great minds don’t always think alike, but they can share ideas and riff on new ones together with OneNote.

AI & Machine Learning

Intelligently do more with less

To create more realistic worlds and challenges, AI and machine learning are your secret weapon. Our solutions better train your game AI, identify and predict patterns, and find efficiencies by automating manual workflows.

Predict player behavior

Know what your players are going to do before they do with Azure Machine Learning, and predict future trends like churn and lifetime value.

Detect and prevent cheating

Automate fraud detection with Azure Machine Learning to track and spot irregularities through in-game interactions and clustering algorithms.

Real-time text to speech translation

Azure Cognitive Services and our natural language processing translate text to voice in real-time.

Analyze 100,000+ images per second

Azure Machine Learning automates image analysis of over 100,000 objects, people, and scenes every second.

Create stunning personalized gameplay experiences

Observe your players with Azure AI and use that data to deliver rewards, achievements, and segment your audience.

Gather insights on game anomalies

Ingest time-series data of all types with Azure's anomaly detector API and accelerate insights about your game without testers.

Protect your players

Find and filter inappropriate game content in more than 100 languages with Azure's machine-assisted content moderation API.

Real-time language translation

Extend your game's reach across every device and audience with real-time content translation.

Support your players

Let automated customer support bots do the heavy lifting so you can focus.

Data & Storage

Data services with scale and security

Useful data is good data, particularly when global scale, security, and reliability are essential. Azure lets you focus on giving your players the best experience possible with data that is captured, scaled, analyzed, and transferred anywhere simply and securely.

Capture and analyze every data point

Capture data in real time during live events and build a deeper understanding of your players with Azure Cache for Redis.

Serve targeted ads

Manage your data and in-game ads the low-latency way with Azure Cache for Redis.

Live player rankings

Access real-time data and publish live player rankings with Azure Cache for Redis.

Mitigate fraud

Accelerate fraud detection by delivering low latency requests at high throughput rates with Azure Cache for Redis.

Restore player progression

Capture concurrent game activity for millions of players and facilitate archiving and retrieval needs with Azure SQL to help with customer support.

Create real-time nearest neighbor player rankings

Increase game competition by accessing gameplay data patterns to identify the nearest-neighbor reading with Azure SQL

Access mobile in-game event data

Utilize the speed and flexibility of Azure Database for MySQL to capture player progression and inventory in-game events across Android and iOS.

Elastic databases with serious scalability

Accommodate bursts in player activity with Azure's powerhouse databases to deliver low-low latency multiplayer experiences.

Unlosable data

Store player information, game state, and data across multiple devices and games.

Game Server Hosting

Reach more players globally

Our game server hosting solutions reduce operating costs while scaling to meet even the most strenuous traffic demands.

From on-premise to the cloud

Get your game services on the cloud to improve relisiency, scalability, and access.

Build, deploy, and scale quickly

Azure PlayFab's high-octane multiplayer servers mean business.

Add player authentication

Authenticate player identities from trusted platforms like Facebook, Google, Xbox Live, PlayStation, Steam, Twitch and more.

Host on your own dedicated game server

Let Azure help you spin up and run a dedicated server for your game.

Host servers all over the world

Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider—with the scale needed to bring your game to everyone.

Scale with VMs, containers, or Kubernetes

No matter how you want to scale your game servers, Azure provides you different levels of management from deploying virtual machines yourself to orchestration of containers.

Scale stateless servers with high availability

Simplify your server management needs and let Azure Functions take care of running and scaling your game – with high availability.

Gamer Identity

Attract and engage your players through trusted gaming identities

Build a safe, inclusive community for your gamers with cutting-edge identity solutions.

One identity on every platform.

Use one cross-platform sign-on identity, equipped with privacy controls, family safety settings and child account support.

Leverage a vibrant gaming community

Take advantage of Xbox Live’s global, cross-device community to drive your game's popularity.

Authentication your way

Use Azure PlayFab social tools to enable player-to-player comms, individual friend lists, and major social networks to help your players find their crew.

Business Intelligence

Maximize your game's potential

To maximize a game’s potential to connect with players, keep them engaged, and generate revenue, you need solutions to track progress. Understand player behavior with custom data visuals, dashboard automation, and real-time event feeds.

Real-time dashboards

Dive into daily, monthly, and 30-day rolling views of engagement and monetization with PlayFab Reports.

Create custom data visuals

Visualize your data any way you want with Power BI. Develop, test, and debug those visuals with our open-source SDK.

Get automated business intelligence

Push data into a Power BI dataset, refresh your data automatically, auto-scale Azure resources, automate your application lifecycle management (ALM), and more.

Critical KPIs at a glance

In addition to daily engagement and revenue metrics, you’ll also see your Top 10 Spenders and Items with PlayFab Real-time Analytics.

Game Testing

Find bugs and squish them

Give your game the TLC + QA it deserves with Azure DevOps and Visual Studio. Test on thousands of real devices, from test plans and bug-reporting to deep diagnostics.

Rapidly deploy and test on thousands of real devices

Easily Ship for iOS, Andriod, Windows or MacOS and be up on the cloud and testing in minutes with App Center.

Test and capture comprehensive game data

Capture rich data about your game with comprehensive test plans for web and desktop.

Understand your players

Seek and destroy bugs with real-time analytics and deep diagnostics so your players spend more time playing and less time ragequitting.

Prep your game for certification

Avoid last-minute gotchas and make sure your game is ready to rock with in-depth certification testing.


Rev fast. Grow faster.

LiveOps is the industry's best-kept secret for boosting ROI and maximizing your game's staying power.

No patch required.

Store game logic in the cloud and change it whenever - without pushing new client builds on your players.

Go global

Dynamically scale your game experiences to over 50 global regions with Azure's unrivaled security and reliability.

Collect and analyze game data

Measure your success, track it in real time, and build custom reports with PlayFab Analytics.

Run experiments

There's a better way to deliver quick-turn content and changes. Iterate smarter and ship faster with the most flexible partner you'll ever have.

Build and sustain hype

Thrill, grow, and maintain your community with Azure PlayFab’s formidable suite of Game Services that compliment your existing backend infrastructure.

Run a smooth economy

Manage your in-game storefronts, inventories, and purchases with Azure PlayFab’s economy tools.

Personalize player experiences

Leverage PlayFab's player identity and real-time event tracking to segment players intelligently and inform new game experiences based on player behavior.


The perfect economy for you

Whether you're creating in-game currencies or experimenting with different subscription models, we can help you find and master the right tool for the job.

Put that economy to work

Azure PlayFab's powerful economic suite include virtual currencies, inventory management, and catalog features.

Create and track virtual currencies

Build multiple virtual currencies with PlayFab Commerce, view and set player balances, set initial deposit balances, and specify auto-recharge rates.

Customize item catalogs

Define, add, and track items in your catalog.

Create and manage stores

Customize your retail experience with prices and segments, courtesy of Azure PlayFab.

Add 3rd party payment and monetization

Choose from a variety of pre-integrated tools and services. Only pay for what you use.

Storefronts for multiple platforms

Let no platform stand between gamers and your game.


Enroll today to get a headstart on your game

Getting started on your game can be overwhelming. These make it just a little easier.

Build your first game on us

Get 12-months of data storage, compute up to 750 hours of VMs for Windows or Linux, and run 20 million event-driven serverless game functions when you sign up for an Azure account. That's your first game right there.

Many platforms, one tool

Learn how to develop a multiplatform game for PC, Xbox, Sony and Nintendo with just one tool.

From one player to one million

Seamlessly distribute your MMO all over the world with Aether Engine.

Support for your startup

From building your first game to shipping your tenth, Microsoft for Startups is here for you at every stage.

Scaling multiplayer infrastructure for esports

Microsoft’s partner Gameye, lets you build automatic store reporting for match outcomes, play community made maps for training and manage game updates to alleviate version errors, with a single API.

Get your game on Xbox and Windows

Any developer can publish their game on the Xbox console through Creators Program. No NDA, no extra hoops, just getting your game in front of more than 57 million gamers.

Get inclusive indie support on Xbox

Microsoft staff are serious about making this your best game yet. So serious, they're standing by if and when you need technical assistance.

Player Engagement

Enable dynamic and inclusive community experiences

Microsoft helps creators reach and develop an engaged, inclusive community of gamers with a set of tools and services designed to encourage players to keep coming back.

Add multiplayer networking and in-game chat

Bring everyone together with PlayFab Party, a set of cross-platform libraries and services for easy multiplayer networking and chat. Relax knowing that Azure Cognitive Services makes it accessible with voice chat transcription and synthesized speech.

Make broadcasts interactive

MixPlay enables viewers to directly control the environment in and around streamer’s broadcasts via user interface controls. Create interactive experiences which can run as a part of a game, entirely as a standalone application, or as a tool.

Do more with a vibrant gaming community

Take advantage of Xbox Live’s dynamic global community and get your game in front of players.


Get discovered

Stand out from the rest with highly engaged gaming subscriptions, easy self-publishing, targeted advertising, and the biggest storefront on Windows PCs.

Drive discoverability

Xbox Game Pass titles get higher visibility and player engagement across Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.


Unleash your creativity with The ID@Xbox Program. Self-publish on Xbox One and Windows 10, or add Xbox Live to iOS and ANdroid with all the tools and support you need to knock it out of the park.

Find your players

Connect with millions of gamers through Microsoft Advertising.

Expand your reach

Get discovered, boost your earnings, get discovered, and get to know your players with Microsoft Store.