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Serverless ChatGPT with RAG using LangChain.js

Build your own serverless ChatGPT with Retrieval-Augmented-Generation using LangChain.js, run it locally with Ollama and Mistral or deploy it on Azure in minutes with your own Data!

JavaScript Dev Day Videos

Watch the JavaScript Dev Day videos to learn about the latest features and tools for JavaScript developers.

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  • Building a versatile RAG Pattern chat bot with Azure OpenAI, LangChain

    Wassim Chegham, Natalia Venditto and Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen walk you through the code of our popular JavaScript Azure OpenAI sample.

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  • LangChain.js + Azure: A Generative AI App Journey

    Yohan Lasorsa demonstrates the journey of building a generative AI application using LangChain.js and Azure.

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  • GitHub Copilot Can Do That?

    Burke Holland gives you tips on how GitHub Copilot to make developers' life easier and more enjoyable.

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